What Happened To The Child Of A Famous Singer

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What Happened To The Child Of A Famous Singer
What Happened To The Child Of A Famous Singer

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Cher is a famous shocking artist who became famous for her extraordinary creativity. She is also the mother of two wonderful people, the fate of one of whom was followed with a breath by the whole world. Rambler will tell you what happened to the star heiress.


Chastity San Bono was born on March 4, 1969. The girl was the only joint child of the famous artists Cher and Sonny Bono. The blonde babe, who was ideally named Chastity (innocence), constantly appeared with her parents in the program "Comedy Hour of Sonny and Cher". Many critics and viewers predicted a stellar future for the girl.

Subsequently, Chastity really became famous, but not as a singer. Cher's daughter changed sex and became a man. From the age of 13, the star heiress began to realize her difference from her friends, she felt like a boy, and this gave rise to mental discomfort. At 18, Chastity publicly announced her sexuality. Since that time, she has become an active fighter for LGBT rights.

The girl expressed her feelings in music and prose, but dreamed of bringing body and soul into line. The first step towards the dream was taken in 2008, when she made the first gender reassignment procedures. The series of operations lasted for two years.

On May 8, 2010, Cher's daughter officially became a man. The California court allowed the name and gender to be changed in the passport. From now on, Cher has another son instead of his only daughter - Chez Salvatore Bono. The singer accepted the choice of her first-born, although for a long time she could not get used to the changed voice and at first, out of habit, called him by his old name.


To maintain the necessary testosterone levels, Chaz takes daily hormonal drugs, which triggered a significant increase in weight. After complete reincarnation, the man weighed 115 kilograms. Then he changed his diet and lost 38 kilograms, but since hormone therapy has become a part of life, the fight against excess weight for Chez is a constant necessity.

If at first after operations in the guise of Chez, some effeminacy remained, but now it is difficult to suspect that this 50-year-old man once belonged to the opposite sex. He has a stocky, dense figure of a masculine type, and a beard and mustache add brutality to the image. He is happy that his reflection in the mirror finally completely coincides with his inner feelings.

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