Peskov's Daughter Said She Was Not A Major

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Peskov's Daughter Said She Was Not A Major
Peskov's Daughter Said She Was Not A Major
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The eldest daughter of Dmitry Peskov, Elizaveta, said that she did not consider herself a "major". Moreover, the girl believes, despite the origin of the word, this term has acquired a negative connotation in Russia:

Offensive, for me personally, the word "major" comes from the French word majeur (higher, greater) and it appeared during the period of developed socialism (late 70s).

Today, in Russia, the concept of "golden youth" is always associated with "children of rich parents" driving around without a license in geliks with unlimited cards in their pockets, but with a limited level of upbringing and education. Most people immediately think of the son of a rich father in London, with an expensive watch and a bottle of champagne in hand. Or a reworked fifa with empty eyes and a pretentious expression, with Chanel bags, sitting in the l'Avenue restaurant in Paris. In our country, this concept is associated only with negative and causes only dislike.

As Peskova noted, over eight years of her life in Europe, she came to the conclusion that the concept of "golden youth" has completely lost its relevance there:

There is no such pronounced social inequality and, looking at the young guys, it is difficult to say who is from which family. Everyone dresses in about the same way, protruding logos and brands are considered bad form, and not only people from wealthy families can afford clubs and restaurants.

On the web, the girl is often called a representative of the "golden youth" and "major", but she does not agree with this:

Yes, we have more opportunities than many, and we are well aware of this. But we do not belong to golden youth or majors, since, returning to the definition, we do not waste our lives with expensive parties, idleness, rudeness and lack of moral values. Because instead of an unlimited card, we were given education, and instead of a bundle of bills, they teach us how to earn it.

she said.

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