Efremov's Wife Spoke About The Divorce

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Efremov's Wife Spoke About The Divorce
Efremov's Wife Spoke About The Divorce

Video: Efremov's Wife Spoke About The Divorce

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Video: НИКИТА ЕФРЕМОВ: впервые об отце после аварии, психологе и потерянном детстве 2023, February

The wife of actor Mikhail Efremov, Sofya Kruglikova, commented on rumors that she was going to get divorced. It is reported by "StarHit".

Kruglikova told her close friend and lawyer Alexei Lobarev about what was happening in her family. He noted that he called up with the wife of Efremov, and she complained to him about the lies in the media. In addition, she spoke about rumors regarding a divorce from Mikhail Efremov.

“We talked on the phone with Sophia. She said that she really does not like the fact that the media constantly lies about her family. If literally, then: “A lie that Mikhail ordered some kind of goose for himself in a pre-trial detention center, a lie that the convicts in the economic support detachment were opposed to him. And the last lie is about our divorce"

Kruglikova added that she will go to her husband after the end of the quarantine in the pre-trial detention center.

Previously, Rambler reported that rumors appeared on the Web that Efremov's wife was going to file for divorce.

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