Makarevich Revealed The Details Of A Secret Wedding

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Makarevich Revealed The Details Of A Secret Wedding
Makarevich Revealed The Details Of A Secret Wedding

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Andrey Makarevich not so long ago celebrated his 66th birthday. Mature age did not prevent the founder of the rock group "Time Machine" from finding a new love. In May, it became known that he was secretly married to a young Israeli woman, Einat Klein. The celebration took place back in December 2019 in Jaffa according to Jewish traditions. And they met during a trip to Addis Ababa. Only the other day, the artist gave a long interview in which he revealed the details of the wedding.

According to Makarevich, the previous four weddings he had without a formal part. He assured that the guests gathered at home and everything ended there. The singer assured that he did not have and will not have any cars decorated with dolls, or shouts “Do not delay with the little one” and “Why the youth doesn’t dance”.

The newlyweds had to go through a chuppah ceremony. Andrei Vadimovich assured that he was calm about this ritual part of the wedding. He was taught everything before the ceremony, so there were no difficulties.

“Einat really wanted it to be beautiful and Jewish. She organized everything amazingly, I did not participate. There were about forty people in total - we invited our closest Moscow and Israeli friends. Everything happened in Jaffa, in a wonderful old interior, with a wonderful chef, wonderful wines. And I was once again convinced that I married a perfectionist who perfects everything that she undertakes”,

- shared Makarevich.

The artist also noted that they had about 40 guests at the celebration. He was delighted with how everything was organized by his beloved. According to the singer, he could not even imagine anything else.

Einat noted that she did not have to persuade her lover to a wedding in Jewish tradition. She herself got married for the first time. But for Makarevich, this marriage is already the fourth. With the previous darling Natalia Golub, he lived for seven years and divorced in 2010. From past wives, he has an adult son, Ivan, and a daughter, Anna. The actor is sure that this union will be happy and peaceful, he told about this in an interview with "Jewish Journal".

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