Valeria Spoke About The "moronic Audience"

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Valeria Spoke About The "moronic Audience"
Valeria Spoke About The "moronic Audience"
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Singer Valeria, in a telephone conversation with her colleague Anita Tsoi in the entertainment YouTube show Comment Out, announced a "moronic audience."


Tsoi in the "super-round" of the release got the task to call Valeria and say the phrase prepared by the authors of the show with a proposal to conduct a live broadcast on Instagram and arrange challenges. The singer refused, calling one of the proposed challenges "some kind of trash", but admitted that "something needs to be done" with online streams.

"I understand that, perhaps, perhaps, it is necessary to do, that this moronic audience has become … These challenges, it seems to me, are somehow shallow, somehow stupid,"

- said the singer.

Later, in the comments to one of the posts on Instagram, she was asked to clarify the words about the "moronic audience."

"Why did you call your audience moronic in a conversation with Tsoi? Do you consider it normal to offend your fans?"

- @ an.khvat asked.

"Not her own, but the one that swallows stupid content. I have a wonderful audience, smart, thinking, intelligent - it's a sin to complain,"

- answered Valeria.

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