Efremov Spoke About Drug Addiction

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Efremov Spoke About Drug Addiction
Efremov Spoke About Drug Addiction

Video: Efremov Spoke About Drug Addiction

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Nikita Efremov became a guest of the "Honest Divorce" program. In a conversation with the host Agata Muceniece, he revealed unexpected details of his life.

The ex-wife of Pavel Priluchny asked the guest if he had a drug addiction. The artist replied that "maybe there was an addiction." However, he does not consider her to be the cause of the life problems that Nikita had to face. Rather, on the contrary, Efremov is confident that illegal drugs and alcohol helped him cope with difficulties.

“They appeared at some point in my life … There is a general opinion that this is the problem. In fact, alcohol and drugs are the solution to the problem. I initially feel bad, and this is how I solve problems,"

- shared Nikita.

At the same time, he noted that it is possible to get out of the vicious circle only by recognizing the presence of dependence. And then you need to give up harmful ways to seek temporary relief, which is possible only through pain and growth.

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