What Russian Stars Are Doing In Quarantine: Public Scandals, Drunkenness And Violence

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What Russian Stars Are Doing In Quarantine: Public Scandals, Drunkenness And Violence
What Russian Stars Are Doing In Quarantine: Public Scandals, Drunkenness And Violence
Video: What Russian Stars Are Doing In Quarantine: Public Scandals, Drunkenness And Violence
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In the families of Russian celebrities, several high-profile scandals related to domestic violence have occurred in recent months. Similar situations, of course, have happened before, but today, while the entire country is sitting at home on a "forced weekend" due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are attracting much more attention. Moreover, these cases are evidence of a much more global problem affecting families throughout Russia and only aggravated by the self-isolation regime. "Lenta.ru" talks about what the quarantined stars are doing and why it concerns everyone.


I won't let you go anywhere

Ukrainian and Russian rapper Dzhigan (real name - Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein), a signer of the Black Star label, who recorded joint tracks with Timati, Yulia Savicheva, Zhanna Friske, Disco Avaria, Dima Bilan and many other pop stars, appeared in the "public" binge when he was in the United States in early March, less than a month after the birth of his fourth child. The musician, first drunk, arranged a live broadcast on social networks, during which he constantly scolded, and a few days later it became known that Dzhigan was in a rehabilitation center. The artist posted a video to Instagram Stories, telling that he was in a psychiatric hospital and that he was well fed. At the same time, the footage shows that Dzhigan shaved off his beard and eyebrows. At the same time, his wife Oksana Samoilova wrote in social networks that “she just doesn’t want to wake up in this world”.

At the end of the month, the rapper returned from the States to Russia and, despite the fact that he was obliged to be in quarantine for two weeks, threw a party in his country house, the details of which he also shared with Internet users.

“I flew home from America, and we were told to sit in isolation for two weeks. I don't know what it is, and it doesn't matter. I feel good, "- said the performer in social networks.

Sources said that before entering the mental hospital, Dzhigan attacked his wife, after which she demanded a divorce and the right over custody of their four children. Samoilova later said that neither her nor her children were "beaten", she was not going to deprive her husband of parental rights, on the contrary, wishing to "help the dad of her children get out of trouble." At the end of the month, however, she confirmed on social media that she was divorcing the rapper because of his infidelity and unstable mental state: “In the current situation, I just cannot do otherwise. I don't want my kids to see all this hell. Ariela already understands everything, and my heart breaks with pain. Better to let it be only mom than that."

Everything he did with himself and with our family is his responsibility, only his. I do not know when he will be able to realize everything that he has done, and whether he will be at all.

Oksana Samoilova

Despite the fact that the statement of claim for divorce has already been registered in the Moscow City Court, Dzhigan allegedly does not give up, stating in social networks that he “will not let his wife go anywhere”. In April, it was reported that the artist was sent to an elite rehabilitation center in the Ivanovo region, and in early May, the rapper published pictures with his family in his mansion.

Attention in this situation deserves the reaction of subscribers and subscribers of Dzhigan and Samoilova. The couple got married eight years ago, they have four children - many Internet users who have followed their relationship for a long time, in the comments to the post, began to convince Samoilova to change her mind, return to her husband, forgive him so as not to destroy the family. The argument "for the sake of the children" is a frequent occurrence in such discussions, not only in relation to public, celebrity couples.

Hello Djigan, as they say

At the end of February, it became known about the divorce of the star of the TV series "Major" Pavel Priluchny and actress Agatha Muceniece, and a month and a half later, the artist from her mother's Instagram account published a series of videos in which she declared her husband's violence in tears. After the introduction of the self-isolation regime, the artists remained in the same house with the children, but Priluchny in quarantine, according to Muceniece, began to drink harshly and make inadequate fights.

“The pandemic is not coming well. Why am I writing from my mother's account - Pasha took my phone, threw it out into the street. He brought the children to tears. He raised his hand to me. He is not adequate. I can't stop him, he kicks us out of the house during a pandemic, says: "Fuck off." So we'll leave for the apartment tomorrow. I can't help but lay it out, since I have no other weapon than publicity,”said Muceniece, after which she burst into tears.

“I'm tired of covering his ass. He actually does not dry out for ten days, drinks alcohol in unmeasured quantities. Apparently, his toxins have closed his brain. Hello Djigan, as they say,”she laughed through tears.

Muceniece's public statements also provoked an ambiguous reaction - someone was outraged by Priluchny's behavior, and someone thought that the actress was arranging a show out of personal problems. In the ranks of the latter were famous people like actress Anastasia Samburskaya, TV presenter Regina Todorenko and producer of the group "Tender May" Andrei Razin. The latter even accused Muceniece of bitchiness and provocations: "The attack on him from her side was dictated by her indefatigable and very difficult character, because of which Pasha could not find a common language with her."

I think that all this persecution was arranged for her on purpose, because she, like a bitch, is jealous of him even for a towel or a chair.

Andrey Razin

Razin hardly has anything to do with the conflict (as proof of the weight of his opinion, the producer points out that he has “four acquaintances who married girls from the Baltic states”), however, the opinion expressed by the producer is very popular in discussing cases domestic violence. Probably the worst part of Pearl Razin was the call not to believe the traces of the beatings that the actress "might" show:

"I wouldn't be surprised if she gets bruised, because people like Katya Gordon teach how to bruise yourself and how to crumple your skin so that there is swelling."

Later, Muceniece said that everything was fine with their children, and also hoped that her conflict with the artist would be resolved: “Of course, I admit that by releasing it all to the public, it caused a great resonance, and I will believe that this will only provoke a solution to the problem, and then all participants in the story will start a new and bright path!"

The actress said that she did not consider herself an enemy of Priluchny, and expressed the hope that his physical and mental state would return to normal. She also noted that she realized her own mistakes.

"My task now is to find happiness and show my children that family is light, joy, fun and laughter!" - she wrote.

The situation was later commented on by Priluchny himself. According to the artist, he did not beat his spouse, and asked subscribers not to ask questions about Muceniece anymore. “The question has been closed for a long time. If you don’t know something, it’s better not to meddle in it. Before writing any things, think it over well,”Priluchny said.

You got drunk with the baby

With his last, third wife Elizaveta Shevyrkova, Basharov got engaged in 2016, and in 2017 they had a son. A year later, Shevyrkova's brother said that Basharov repeatedly beat his sister, broke her fingers and nose, and even published a medical certificate confirming the injuries. Shevyrkova herself publicly reacted to the story only in February 2019, announcing her divorce from Basharov on Instagram.

“I firmly believed that love can change everything, fix, heal. That a small child can influence. Nothing changed, there was not enough strength to leave, because I fell in love with the other side of the person.The feeling of shame and the lump in my throat stopped leaving. It is a shame to live in this, it is a shame to hide, it is a shame to speak. Now there is no point in hiding,”Shevyrkova wrote then. She expressed the hope that they would maintain friendly relations with Basharov for the sake of their son, but during the quarantine it became clear that there was no friendship between them and could not be.

In this case, Shevyrkova did not even take the conflict into the public field. This was done by Basharov himself, having posted on Instagram a video in which he quarreled with his ex-wife, who came to his home to pick up the child. On the record, the parents ask the child whether “mom hit dad” and “dad got drunk”. “I didn't hit my dad. You got drunk with your child! " - Shevyrkova declared to Basharova, persuading the child to leave with her.

What are you doing, you broke the psyche of one child, do you want me too, break mine? I'm not giving it!

Elizaveta Shevyrkova

Basharov drew the attention of subscribers to the bottles of wine that his ex-wife put on the lawn and threatened to break. Shevyrkova promised that next time she would come to the artist with the police. Later, a video appeared on the network in which the artist, apparently intoxicated, sits alone at a table, holding his head, and communicates with a chair. “What does it do? Nothing,”he says on the tape.

The press for many years wrote that Marat Basharov beat his wives, but at the end of April the artist announced this himself on federal television - in the "Secret in a Million" program, he confessed to violence against spouses. After the broadcast, a petition appeared on the Change.org website demanding to deprive Basharov of the state prize and the title of Honored Artist of Tatarstan. Its author, special correspondent for Wonderzine, Anton Danilov, noted that Basharov's actions in relation to wives fall under Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Intentional infliction of moderate harm to health"), but the actor was not punished for his actions.

The petition has already been signed by more than 55 thousand people, and Basharov himself reacted critically to this demand, remembering Putin: “Guys, it was not you who gave me this title. It was presented to me by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, and the state award of the Russian Federation - by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Therefore, whoever gave, let him deprive”.

The artist stressed that he considers himself already “punished” for his actions: “After that incident in 2018, many jobs were deprived. The statute of limitations has already passed. But, apparently, the people who sign this petition consider themselves to be the arbiters of destinies. God will judge them, what you say. I feel sorry for them because they really have nothing to do. But I went to the program, opened my soul to them, told the whole truth, did not hide anything, did not lie. And the people reacted like this."

Beats means 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Due to the circumstances in which the above scandals occurred - quarantine, self-isolation - attention to them has increased many times, but the reaction of a fairly large part of Internet users was disappointing. The mechanism of public censure worked no less strangely - of all the heroes of the material, critics fell more forcefully on Regina Todorenko, who did not get into scandals with domestic violence, but only expressed in an interview the idea that women may be to blame for the fact that they are beaten. However, the TV presenter apologized for her words and even made a meaningful film about domestic violence in Russia. In it, women - experts, psychologists, lawyers - talk not only about the importance of urgent government intervention in this problem, but also about how the relationship between the victim and the rapist unfolds and deteriorates, and why it is not so easy to leave the abuser.

To delve into the conflicts of star couples would be at least pointless if all these cases did not signal the problems of the entire Russian society. With the introduction of "forced weekends" and the self-isolation regime in Russia, alcohol sales soared, which forced a number of regions to restrict the sale of alcohol and even introduce a dry law.It was reported that at the end of March, vodka sales were up 31 percent over the same period last year, beer sales increased 25 percent and demand for whiskey rose 47 percent. At the same time, the level of domestic violence has increased - in April the number of complaints about it increased 2.5 times compared to the previous month, said human rights ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova. According to her, in March various non-profit organizations registered 6054 such messages, in April - more than 13 thousand. Moskalkova called this situation "rather unoptimistic."

In Russia, we recall, has not yet adopted a law that would systematize the work of bodies in the direction of preventing domestic violence. In the fall of 2019, State Duma Deputy Oksana Pushkina drew attention to the fact that there are almost no crisis centers for victims of domestic violence in the country where they could receive psychological assistance and apply. The Human Rights Council proposed to supplement Russian legislation with the concept of “family or domestic violence”, as well as develop a system of protection orders and create a comprehensive system of assistance to victims of domestic violence with crisis centers and shelters. While celebrities can afford to leave their husbands who are rapists, many Russian women simply do not have the financial resources for this, and with the coronavirus pandemic and the introduction of quarantine, they may even receive a fine if they leave their homes, - at the end of April, the State Duma drew attention to these problems. Deputies Oksana Pushkina, Irina Rodnina and Olga Sevastyanova proposed increasing the number of shelters for victims, as well as canceling their responsibility for violating quarantine and other restrictions, and the police were offered to impose obligations to immediately respond to reports of domestic violence.

On May 7, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova asked six departments to study information on the growth of domestic violence in self-isolation and work out the introduction of measures to combat it.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Bill was drafted in 2019. The document proposes, among other things, to put the aggressors on a preventive record. Supporters of the draft law found several shortcomings in it - for example, they do not like the phrase “promote reconciliation”. Opponents of the law, including 180 public organizations, declared it "anti-family" and published an open letter to the president demanding that the law be rejected.

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