How The Topic Of Domestic Violence Made Todorenko And Basharov The Main Anti-heroes Of The Quarantine

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How The Topic Of Domestic Violence Made Todorenko And Basharov The Main Anti-heroes Of The Quarantine
How The Topic Of Domestic Violence Made Todorenko And Basharov The Main Anti-heroes Of The Quarantine

Video: How The Topic Of Domestic Violence Made Todorenko And Basharov The Main Anti-heroes Of The Quarantine

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Video: Understanding the Problem of Domestic Violence in Russia 2023, February

The most recent example is Regina Todorenko, who, when summing up the secular results of 2020, can safely count on winning the "Loser of the Year" nomination. Regina first justified domestic violence, then apologized for it.

But the word, as you know, is not a sparrow - the girl was harshly condemned. However, there is a character in our show business who supports domestic violence not in word, but in deed. This, of course, is Marat Basharov, who also distinguished himself last week. "Teleprogram" is trying to figure out who is to be executed and who has to be pardoned.

Careless Regina

In quarantine, it has become fashionable for the stars to go live on the Internet and speak out on various topics - now there is a lot of free time. Blogger and TV presenter Regina Todorenko said during one of these broadcasts that the women who are beaten by their husbands are to blame for this: “Your husband beats you, why didn’t you think about it? What did you do to prevent him from hitting you?"


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Todorenko received tens of thousands of angry comments from women and was forced to delete all of them, closing the ability to leave comments on her Instagram page. The jury member of the "Mask" show had to explain and apologize for a long time:

“I am against domestic violence and against any violence in general. I believe that there is no such thing as “deserve violence”. Yes, I stumbled and was wrong! But I am grateful to my silly tongue for being the trigger that has helped tens of thousands of women speak up. Now my site on Instagram will become a home for those who are ready to talk about domestic violence and will no longer be silent!"

The explanations, alas, did not help. The wave of indignation turned out to be so powerful that it deprived Todorenko not only of the title of "Woman of the Year" according to one gloss, but also several tens of millions of rubles - two major international companies broke advertising contracts with Regina. Representatives of one of the brands even said that the funds that Todorenko had to pay for advertising would now be transferred to families in difficult life situations.

As for Regina's stellar colleagues, most of them supported her. But there were others, for example Vyacheslav Manucharov: “Regina is a girl from Odessa, sweet, but illiterate. What would you like to hear from her when asked about domestic violence? Margaret Thatcher's speech?

Regina ingenuously spoke out in accordance with her education and worldview. In the spirit of the patriarchy of the times of serfdom: they beat a woman - it means that she herself is to blame Another reason to think that a star is not just a figure on Instagram, it is, first of all, a personality trait. But such people, unfortunately, do not gain millions of views and likes …"

Now Todorenko was left without advertising from large brands for a long time - the wave of popular indignation was too great, too painful a topic was touched upon. But Regina will keep her work on TV and get more views in her Internet projects. In addition, she has a husband, Vlad Topalov, who makes a living in one of the companies of his wealthy dad. So Regina the traveler will not be left without money.

And, of course, you shouldn't poison her. “It is very important to respect the feelings of all those who listen to you and read,” says psychologist Anetta Orlova. - But in an emotional outburst, everyone can make a mistake. We are all living people. It is important to understand that one step separates the victim from the aggressor. Too much pain the victims have to endure, too much anger has accumulated! Neither the coronavirus will pass from the "crucifixion" of another woman, nor will there be fewer victims of violence!"


EG / Kudryavov Boris

Actor Marat Basharov and his wife Elizaveta Shevyrkova

Recently, Marat Basharov walked on several TV shows at once, where he, without any hesitation, recalled his drunken showdown with ex-wives. About one of them, Ekaterina Arkharova, he said: “I put her on the veranda, I closed the door. You could walk around the house. She took an ashtray, broke the glass, cut herself all over. I opened the door. I hit her once. Didn't hit many times. I gave her a backhand like that.”Arkharova then reported a concussion and a broken nose.

Then Marat broke the nose of his next wife - Elizaveta Shevyrkova. Lisa did not sue - she felt sorry for the artist. As once Arkharova:

"I took pity first of all because of his daughter Amelie (born in a civil marriage with Elizaveta Krutsko. - Ed.), The girl was ten years old then, and I did not want to deprive her of her father."

After all these confessions, Basharov continues to be filmed in decent films and TV series, they are invited to new performances, the contract for TNT is renewed, where he leads the "Battle of Psychics" … And no persecution!

True, after television broadcasts, when, for the sake of royalties, Basharov recalled his "exploits", a petition appeared in which Basharov was proposed to be deprived of the State Prize of the Russian Federation and the title "Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan" for domestic violence. He continues to laugh it off: they say, people are so amused by idleness in quarantine - they write petitions.

If the wave of popular indignation that hit Regina Todorenko overtook Basharov, the 45-year-old actor would definitely benefit. In the meantime, you can only remember Tatyana Tarasova, who decided to publicly reprimand the actor in one of the TV broadcasts, where Marat boasted of trophies for victories in ice projects. Tarasova then said: "You should not sit at tables and show cups, but in a completely different place!" And you can't argue with Tatyana Anatolyevna …

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