Alexander Vasiliev Put A Fat Point On Sex

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Alexander Vasiliev Put A Fat Point On Sex
Alexander Vasiliev Put A Fat Point On Sex

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The helmsman of "Fashionable Sentence" on Channel One, Alexander Vasiliev, blew up the Network with his revelations to Vyacheslav Manucharov's YouTube channel "Empathy Manuchi".

The 61-year-old fashion historian admitted that he loved and loved very elderly women, that he had menopause, and clearly explained why gays create fashion, and normal men are able not to dress, but to undress a woman. It's scary to imagine what is left behind the scenes of the show. We talked about this.

- Do you regret your frankness? Why talk about your menopause?

- I've always been pretty frank. Our interview with Manucharov was watched by one and a half million people, and very good reviews. This means that people are interested in our conversation. Maybe frankness is what we all need. Although I did not say anything sensational. Didn't you know that at a certain age men cannot be sexual partners and that their potency is lost? Did I discover America? If you had asked me two years ago if I have sex, I would have answered you roughly the same thing I told Manucharov.

- In my opinion, you, Alexander Alexandrovich, are flirting - in my opinion, 61 is not an age to give up sex. But your right to answer like this. Let me ask you about others then. As a man of taste, what kind of underwear would you recommend for a woman to impress a man?

- The main thing is that it should not be vulgar and vulgar. It is good if the linen is made from natural fabrics. For synthetics, and even on a naked body - harm to health. Colors and lines should be combined. Note that closed panties are in fashion today. Moreover, reaching the navel. In the past, there are triangles that were held on a lace, and bikinis. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of Muslims have moved to Europe and they unwittingly dictate their rules to us.

- Your mother was an actress and was friends with Lyubov Orlova, Lydia Smirnova and other talented and charming. Which grand dame is your style icon?

- Each decade had its own style icons. Maya Plisetskaya dressed at Pierre Cardin's, and I managed to become the owner of her outfit from the French couturier, which I show at exhibitions. Maya was a style icon. Clara Luchko was reputed to be a very fashionable woman, although she played ordinary Soviet aunts in the movies. In the era of Stalin, ballerina Olga Lepeshinskaya was considered a fashionista, and things from her wardrobe can also be seen at exhibitions. I have a luxurious coat of Lydia Smirnova, also a fashionable lady. There are things of the beauty of the 90s - the actress Lyubov Polishchuk. Perhaps she is one of the last women of fashion in our cinema and theater. Of her contemporaries, by far the most stylish is Renata Litvinova.

- In what year did you start collecting household items, clothes of the past?

- I've been collecting old things since I was eight. The first exhibit is a dress that I bought with money when I was 16.

- Where does this passion for antiques come from in you?

- Genetic predetermination. My dad is a famous theater artist.

- You told Vyacheslav Manucharov that after the revolution we began to dress like beggars - wretched and tasteless. Is it all so monstrous?

- Alas. I also said that we began to dress like cattle.

- And what to do with it?

- To cultivate a taste for watching a good movie, going to galleries.

- Will the pandemic change our fashion?

- I have not yet understood the relationship between fashion and masquerade. Now there is a masquerade. I'm afraid he will finally kill fashion.

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