Poisons The Girl: Miro Destroyed Timati's Family

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Poisons The Girl: Miro Destroyed Timati's Family
Poisons The Girl: Miro Destroyed Timati's Family
Video: Poisons The Girl: Miro Destroyed Timati's Family
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The scandalous blogger Lena Miro commented on the relationship of rapper Timati, his beloved Anastasia Reshetova and mother Simona Yunusova.

In her opinion, "Timur Yunusov has no intention of living his life with Anastasia Reshetova." At the same time, the girl herself in every possible way hints that the wedding is not far off, but the rapper's mother is trying to refute her words, stating that "responsibility is not measured by a stamp." And Reshetova does not like this idea.

"Quite naturally, this state of affairs does not suit her. Nastya is trying in every possible way to make herself out of herself, a woman whose status is higher than that of a disenfranchised concubine.

However, Simona Yakovlevna, a pensioner with a lot of free time, is watching! Every hint from Reshetova that the wedding is just around the corner, the cunning grandmother tirelessly refutes … ", - the blogger is sure.

And in general, she, according to the blogger, almost directly says that she does not consider Nastya a member of the family.


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"Poisons the girl. Here it naturally poisons. And the stupid and weak Nastka swallows.

The truth is that responsibility is measured precisely by the stamp in the passport, but neither Timati nor his mother consider Nastya worthy of this very responsibility … ", writes Miro.

Previously, Rambler reported how the blogger spoke about the relationship between Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov.

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