Kalashnikova Found A New Doctor Zavorotnyuk

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Kalashnikova Found A New Doctor Zavorotnyuk
Kalashnikova Found A New Doctor Zavorotnyuk

Video: Kalashnikova Found A New Doctor Zavorotnyuk

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Video: Час назад пришли трагические вести от семьи Заворотнюк 2023, February

Anna Kalashnikova spoke about the state of health of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. This is reported by Sobesednik.ru.


Singer and model Anna Kalashnikova has already reported that the actress feels better and can walk in the courtyard of the house. Fan support also helps the actress.

“After I told about Nastya, I was pleasantly surprised how many good people were around. When I reported that Zvorotnyuk's condition had improved, many were delighted. There were also people who wanted to help Anastasia's family.

I was approached by a psychologist and master of analysis named Inna, who treats for various diseases, including cancer, - said Kalashnikova. - Inna asked to put her in touch with Anastasia's family."

Anna gave the doctor all the necessary data and now the women are at the negotiation stage. Due to health problems, the Zavrotnyuk family is very closed.

"I think that all the chances should be used - what if it helps ?! There are only good reviews about Inna. She is a good specialist and will make every effort to save Nastya. I also really want to help."

Previously, Rambler reported what Zhigunov thinks about Zavorotnyuk's appearance on TV.

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