When Zhanna Was Ill, Shepelev Insulted Her

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When Zhanna Was Ill, Shepelev Insulted Her
When Zhanna Was Ill, Shepelev Insulted Her
Video: When Zhanna Was Ill, Shepelev Insulted Her
Video: «Жанна сказала мне, что умирает» — Дмитрий Шепелев объяснил, почему уехал из страны. 2023, February

The singer's dad confirmed the words of Kudryavtseva about the abuse of the dying Zhanna and talked about Shepelev's monstrous secret.


In a recent interview with Ksenia Sobchak, Lera Kudryavtseva let slip that she knows a very unpleasant secret about Dmitry Shepelev. The host of the show "Secret in a Million" admitted: she hates the beloved of her late friend Zhanna Friske because he mocked the singer.

What exactly was the cruel attitude towards Zhanna and what secret Shepelev was hiding, the Sobesednik.ru correspondent asked the singer's dad, Vladimir Friske.

- When Zhanna was ill, Shepelev insulted her in different words. He told her: "You are terrible, nobody will need you!" - Vladimir Borisovich sighs.

If my daughter asked him for something, he did it, but with great reluctance and sarcasm. He asked everyone: "Will Jeanne be able to return to her previous form, to become as beautiful as before her illness?" When the doctor answered him "no", he generally stopped going into Jeanne's room.

He came to us only to see the child, - says the singer's father. - Actually, Jeanne herself no longer wanted to see Shepelev, since she already realized at that time that this is a very cruel person.

Vladimir Friske is very sorry that he found out about Shepelev's abuse of his daughter too late.

- It turns out that he insulted her back in America and in Riga, where he went with her (in the USA Zhanna was undergoing treatment, and in Latvia - a rehabilitation course. - Approx. Sobesednik.ru), - continues the dad of the late celebrity.

Zhanna's friends knew about this - the same Lera Kudryavtseva, Olga Orlova, Ksyusha's friend, Vlad Lisovets. They talked about this to my wife Olga - Jeanne's mother, but they hid it from me. Because they understood: if I find out, I can do something with Shepelev right on the spot! Until the end of my life I will not forgive him!

Vladimir Borisovich assures that he knows Shepelev's secret no worse than Lera Kudryavtseva, but so far he does not want to reveal it.

- The fact is that some other people are connected with this secret, so there is no need to talk about this yet, - Friske's father told Sobesednik.ru. - If necessary, Lera will tell you herself. Although all the same, over time, everything will come out, and everyone will know everything!

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