Sasha Was An Artist With Great Intelligence

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Sasha Was An Artist With Great Intelligence
Sasha Was An Artist With Great Intelligence

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Nine years after the departure of Alexander Barykin, his friend, artist Konstantin Miroshnik, revealed to all the secrets of the last years of the singer's life and tore the masks from his entourage.

“I came from Simferopol to Moscow to enter the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of Ilya Glazunov,” says Konstantin, “and stayed with my friend, the musician Misha Konovalov, in Lyubertsy. Once a stranger came to visit with a red nose and a funny hat with a pompom pulled down over his eyes.

- This is Albar, - Misha told me, - Alexander Barykin.

- What are you doing ?! Barykin? Real … My surprise knew no bounds. By the way, Alla Pugacheva came up with the nickname Albar Sasha when he was still working in the Sochi hotel "Pearl". All musicians had their own nicknames. For example, Vladimir Kuzmin was called James. Meet Vladimir on the street, shout to him: "James!" - he will turn around,

Against the background of Vysotsky, he looked like a fool

- Albar lived like Mozart. Never economized and despised greed. He was a real Russian guy who could not be bought for a Turkish hotel lobby. He loved his homeland with rickety huts, unsightly roads in puddles. And now, after a while, with this person from the TV, we sat in my Khrushchev and wrote songs, painted pictures. Sasha gave away his. I know that one - to Patriarch Alexy, and the other remained with his ex-wife Gali. The apartment was on the first floor. Gray mouse flocks of twenty were hiding from the cold. And so they lived. Let's disperse the mice and sit and create. We were absolutely happy! In addition to his musical talent, Sasha was an artist of great intelligence. Vladimir Vysotsky influenced his education. Here is how it was. Vysotsky performed in Lyubertsy at the Palace of Culture. After the concert, all the musicians went with him to the dressing room, where they drank vodka, of course.

“I was shocked how Vladimir Vysotsky knew history,” Sasha recalled. - He talked about famous dynasties, sprinkled stories from the life of historical figures, knew all the dates by heart. I felt like a complete fool …

Vysotsky was fourteen years older than Barykin, and Sasha thought that he still had time to close the gaps.

“I came home,” Barykin admitted, “and took up self-education so as not to be an idiot. Taking up history and literature textbooks, he studied them.

Test of endurance

- Sasha had some kind of nervous illness and tics, - Miroshnik continues his story. - I associate this with two terrible events in his life, after which he lost his voice. In 1986, he performed at Chernobyl in the first days after the accident. There he received a dose of radiation. And then he went through a lot of stress when in a Kiev hotel the elevator he was in flew into the mine. Fortunately, the lift slowed down sharply downstairs, and there were no injuries. But since then, Albar did not go down the elevator, only walking up the stairs.

Later, Sasha also suffered a heart attack. Millionaire Mikhail Prokhorov invited him to go to Israel for treatment, but his friend chose to tour. Sasha went to earn money, because his women constantly demanded more and more money, and they brought him.

The family was broken by an accidental relationship

- The first wife Galya was his first love, - says Miroshnik. - From childhood they were together, got married and raised two children. Son George lives in Latin America. The youngest daughter Kira, who was adopted, Sasha considered a gift from God. The fact is that Kira had cerebral palsy, but at the cost of incredible efforts the Barykins put the girl on her feet. Today, looking at this long-legged beauty, you will not think about it. They parted with Galya because of an unpleasant episode.

On tour, Alexander became interested in the singer Raisa Syed-Shah, who, after a light romance with the singer, once announced that she was pregnant with him. Son Timur was born.A series of trials began, and Albara was forced to recognize the child. After these events, he could no longer be at home. Barykin did not recognize his son, he said that he was not like him, but I think he was. However, shortly before his death, he sent Raya a message of apology.

His last wife, Nelly, got married. She has a different life, where there is no place for the memory of the man who gave her daughter Zhenya. It is sad that none of these women, who tore Sasha apart, communicate with his mother, the wonderful Alexandra Georgievna.

- By the time he met Nelly, Sasha was lonely, - recalls Miroshnik. - They met at a friend of Sasha - Valery Pets - and spent the night together. When his daughter was born, he was in seventh heaven. Later he wrote the song "Reggae on the Roof" for his wife. But this was not enough for the aspiring singer, she demanded to promote her. A friend gave her the last few thousand dollars for the video.

At the time of cooling of relations with Nelly, a friend met a lady who rubs near celebrities, wanting to get PR. They became friends, but he wanted more.

“Uncle Sasha,” a new acquaintance told him, “you don’t have enough money for me. Come on, move me faster, I have already invested a lot in you, - she reproached Barykina.

It's funny that on a talk show after he passed away, she acted as if she had been his beloved wife for many years.

Despite all the hardships of fate - after all, Albar lived very modestly, he did not even always have his own car - he was an optimist.

“We weren’t rich, and we don’t have to start,” he said at times. It was wildly funny and tragic.

He went on tour, after which he was supposed to fly to Israel for treatment. In Orenburg (this was the last city in the schedule), before going on stage, Nelly called Sasha and started yelling at him. After talking with her, Albar went on stage, worked out the whole concert. There was only one song, "Let's live," when he got sick. He was taken to the hospital.

The next day the doctor came out of the operating room. “Albar flew to heaven,” he said.

There is a luxurious new street in Lyubertsy, it bears the name of Alexander Barykin.

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