What The Son Of Edward Radzinsky Was Accused Of

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What The Son Of Edward Radzinsky Was Accused Of
What The Son Of Edward Radzinsky Was Accused Of

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Today Oleg Radzinsky is a famous writer, like his father. He has been living abroad for many years. Moreover, Radzinsky Jr. ended up there by no means of his own free will. First, the young man was convicted, then sent into exile in Siberia, and only after that he was asked to leave the country. According to Edvard Radzinsky, the son was out of work in his homeland solely through his fault.


Philologist on logging

Oleg Radzinsky was born in 1958 in his father's first marriage, which he concluded with actress Alla Geraskina. Then Radzinsky Sr. was just beginning his career in literature, so the formation of a writer took place, one might say, in front of his son's eyes. In this regard, it is not surprising that Oleg decided to follow in the footsteps of his parent. After graduating from school, the young man entered the philological faculty of Moscow State University, and then in graduate school. However, Radzinsky Jr. did not succeed in making a career in the Soviet Union. Oleg was barely 24 when he was arrested. The young man was accused of "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda." Radzinsky was sentenced to 1 year in camps and 5 years in exile. Since the convict spent 12 months in the Lefortovo remand prison, the first term was credited to him as fully served. Immediately from the pre-trial detention center, Oleg was sent to a logging site in the Tomsk region.

Is the father to blame for everything?

For a long time, Radzinsky Jr. did not understand what was happening at all. The samizdat bulletin "Vesti from the USSR" wrote that the accusations against Oleg were based on the testimony of only 4 witnesses. The young man himself did not plead guilty either. However, his father was well aware of why his son ended up behind bars. According to Edward Stanislavovich, this happened because of his trip to the United States. Then Radzinsky Sr. had to fly to America with the actor Oleg Efremov. And the writer's son was arrested 2 days before the departure date indicated on the tickets. Upon learning that Oleg had been taken into custody, Edward Radzinsky refused to travel in order, as he himself put it, "to save his son."

Expulsion and life in the West

Nevertheless, even after the term of exile came to an end, Oleg Radzinsky had a hard time. According to Edward Stanislavovich, not only did his son's health deteriorate considerably, but he was also banned from working in his specialty. Radzinsky Sr. realized that if he did not interfere in the fate of Oleg, everything could end in tears. Therefore, he turned to the authorities with a request to send his son abroad. In 1987, Oleg Radzinsky, according to the decree of the first and last president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, was pardoned and, along with other dissidents, was expelled from the country. Oleg Edvardovich settled in the USA. In the same place in the States, he graduated from the university and became a financier. At the beginning of the 2000s, Radzinsky even returned to his homeland and for some time was the head of the board of directors of Rambler Media Group. However, in the end, Oleg Edvardovich again left for the West and took up literary activity.

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