The Stars Who Destroyed Their Careers With Unsuccessful Plastics

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The Stars Who Destroyed Their Careers With Unsuccessful Plastics
The Stars Who Destroyed Their Careers With Unsuccessful Plastics

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Video: Stars Who Ruined Their Careers With Plastic Surgery 2023, February

Plastic surgery is always a dangerous and controversial undertaking. For some, they turn out to be a real salvation from age-related changes, while someone is too fond of them and, as a result, lost their natural data. Alas, there are too many examples of how really beautiful actresses (and actors) became caricatures of themselves, and often such failed experiments with appearance cause serious career problems.

Meg Ryan

The star of the movie "City of Angels" has been visiting a plastic surgeon for many years, constantly exploring the limits of her face. She regularly injects her lips and cheeks, which makes her mouth look unnatural, and the oval of her face is hopelessly "floating". Also, her shiny skin and incredible grimaces instead of a smile speaks about the constant manipulation of her face.

Renee Zellweger

We became so close to Bridget Jones that when the actress appeared in front of the public with a “new” appearance, everyone was in complete shock. A series of plastic surgeries led to the fact that Renee Zellweger was simply unrecognizable. Unfortunately, this did not affect her career in the best way, although she starred in the third part of the acclaimed film. No one understood why Renee wanted to change something in her appearance.

Uma Thurman

When actress Uma Thurman appeared at the premiere of the mini-series "Slap" in New York in February of this year, journalists had to strain their eyes: is this the star of the films "Kill Bill"? The fact is that the celebrity has changed the oval of the face, the cut of the eyes narrowed, the cheeks "jumped" up, and the face was "stone" when expressing emotions. The actress had to officially refute the rumors - according to her, she and her makeup artist only experimented unsuccessfully with decorative cosmetics. True, Hollywood experts have already counted a lift of the upper eyelids and plastic of the lower ones and volumization in the cheek area - replenishing the volume of the face, which is why the actress's facial expressions were constrained.

Mickey Rourke

In the 1980s, Mickey Rourke was one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Golden Globe and BAFTA winner, Oscar nominee topped sex symbol lists and made girls' hearts beat faster. In the 1990s, Mickey took a break from his acting career to return to boxing. As a result, his face changed beyond recognition. To become like his former self, Rourke resorted to plastic surgery, but it only got worse

Daryl Hannah

Another victim of plastic surgery is Daryl Hannah. She played a vivid role in the film "Kill Bill", and then did a facelift, plastic surgery of the eyelids, lips and cheekbones. The desire to compete with younger actresses turned against her: Daryl practically ceased to be invited to the shooting.

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