Petrosyan Was Outraged By Canceled Concerts

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Petrosyan Was Outraged By Canceled Concerts
Petrosyan Was Outraged By Canceled Concerts
Video: Petrosyan Was Outraged By Canceled Concerts
Video: Мир Евгения Петросяна не станет прежним 2023, February

Comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan complained about the restrictions and cancellations of his concerts. He announced this on his Instagram.

The comedian noted that he had not performed for five months, so he did not know how much effort could be spent on his restoration. According to him, in order to keep yourself in shape, you need to not only rehearse, but also interact with the viewer.

“I used to say that if an artist does not go on stage for a month, he can recover within a week or ten days. If two or three months is already a big problem. will be able to say"

Petrosyan said that his performances in Crimea have already been canceled and, probably, the same fate awaits concerts in Adler and Sochi. He complained that concert halls are no different from airplanes and cinemas, so he sees nothing wrong or dangerous in his performance.

"I understand that the governor of the Krasnodar Territory is cautious. After all, millions of our citizens rushed there, better caution than a long treatment afterwards. But our genre problem hangs in the air."

Previously, Rambler reported that Petrosyan's young wife refused to adapt to him.

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