Justin Bieber Stopped Hiding His Illness

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Justin Bieber Stopped Hiding His Illness
Justin Bieber Stopped Hiding His Illness

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Video: The Dark Season - Justin Bieber: Seasons 2023, February

Singer Justin Bieber stopped hiding a disease that he had not named for several years.

The appearance of the 25-year-old musician, according to many fans of creativity, has left much to be desired lately. They began to suspect him of using illegal drugs, but everything turned out to be completely different.

The artist himself gave a comment:

“Many said that Bieber looked bad, maybe he was using something, but they couldn’t know that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Moreover, it’s not only about it. The doctors also discovered manifestations of chronic mononucleosis, which affected both the appearance, and on my performance ",

- said the singer.



Lyme disease is most commonly transmitted through tick bites and its main symptoms are fever, skin rashes, and fatigue. A late or misdiagnosed diagnosis can lead to disability or even death.

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