Khlebnikova Disowned Drunkenness Again

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Khlebnikova Disowned Drunkenness Again
Khlebnikova Disowned Drunkenness Again
Video: Khlebnikova Disowned Drunkenness Again
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The other day, fans of Marina Khlebnikova, performer of the hit "Cup of Coffee", sounded the alarm: their favorite disappeared from all radars. The star has not appeared on social networks for two months, has not been published, and has not given concerts. Fuel was added to the fire by reminders of the artist's problems with alcohol, her incurable illness, the tragedy with the death of her ex-husband - this story was very difficult for the singer.

Marina Khlebnikova made an official address to the fans. She admitted that she had not disappeared anywhere, did not lie, did not drink alcohol for a long time, but was calmly engaged in creativity.

The star shared a picture with a violin. Fans noticed that Khlebnikova was in great shape, and rushed to comment on the post:

“Marinochka, you are always on top”, “I am very glad that Marina is doing well”, “Marina, no one doubts that you are on top!”, “You have nothing to worry about. Your audience hears you through your creativity "," You are super ", - the followers write.

The singer herself emphasized that she is actively involved in creativity, creates and records new tracks, communicates with friends and family, and everything is fine with her.

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