Valeria Listyeva: Why The Famous Showman Did Not Communicate With His Daughter

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Valeria Listyeva: Why The Famous Showman Did Not Communicate With His Daughter
Valeria Listyeva: Why The Famous Showman Did Not Communicate With His Daughter
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The fact that Vladislav Listyev, in addition to a son from his second marriage, also has an older daughter from the first, became known to the general public only after the death of the journalist. Yes, and Listyev himself did not communicate with Valeria for many years. They were supposed to see each other for the first time in April 1995, but Listyev was killed in March, so this meeting never took place.


Death of the first child and leaving a pregnant wife

Vladislav Listyev met the mother of his only daughter Valeria Elena Esina in his youth. Then Listyev was seriously involved in athletics, and in high school he even studied at the sports boarding school named after the Znamensky brothers. Vlad and Elena were fond of sports and were wards of the same coach. Thanks to this circumstance, their fates were intertwined. Young people registered their relationship in 1977, when Listyev entered the journalism faculty of Moscow State University.

However, a happy family did not work out. The joint life of Esina and Listyev began with a tragedy. The spouses' firstborn was born prematurely and died shortly after birth. Elena was so worried about the death of the child that she had to turn to psychologists. From that moment on, a wall seemed to have grown between Vladislav Listyev and Elena Esina. Even Elena's second pregnancy did not save the marriage. When a woman was in a position, her husband had a new passion, the translator Tatyana Lyalina.

Tragedy in a new family and popularity

For some time, Listyev rushed between his legal wife and his mistress, but in the end he chose the latter. Before leaving, he asked Yesina not to call her daughter "a wonderful name." At first, the showman visited the newborn Valeria, walked with a stroller. But soon the already rare meetings disappeared altogether. Listyev was overwhelmed by worries about the second family. Moreover, a year after the birth of Valeria, Tatyana Lyalina gave the journalist a son, Vlad. However, at the age of three months, the boy became seriously ill, and Listyev began to take the baby to the doctors.

All these circumstances turned out to be the main reasons that Vladislav Listyev stopped communicating with his eldest daughter altogether. In addition, as Valeria herself admitted in one of her interviews, it was then that unprecedented popularity fell on Vladislav Nikolaevich. According to Listyeva, the showman simply had no time to build a relationship with her. Yes, and Valeria did not look for meetings with Listyev either: she was small, but most importantly, she simply did not know that the famous host of the Pole Miracles program was her father. Mother told her the truth only a few years later.

Alimony and missed meeting

However, finally and irrevocably, the relationship between Elena Esina and Vlad Listyev soured after the alimony story. Up to a certain point, Listyev regularly transferred money to Esina. But when Tatyana Lyalina gave birth to her second son Alexander, the showman asked to reduce the amount of alimony. And he did it through the courts. Yesin was offended by this behavior of her ex-husband. She wondered why she had to go to the courts if she could just come and agree.

Since then, neither Esina herself nor Valery Listyev has been seen. Of course, the girl wanted to have a father. Moreover, Elena Esina never got married anymore, and there was no one to replace Valeria's paternal warmth. Therefore, as a teenager, Listyeva nevertheless began to communicate with Vladislav Nikolaevich. But they could not meet in any way. In the end, the date was scheduled for April 1995, but Listyev had died a month before. Then Valeria was not yet 14 years old.

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