Pozharskaya Spoke About The Affair With Yankovsky

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Pozharskaya Spoke About The Affair With Yankovsky
Pozharskaya Spoke About The Affair With Yankovsky

Video: Pozharskaya Spoke About The Affair With Yankovsky

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The star of the series "Hotel Eleon" commented on the speculation of fans and the press.

After the star of the films "Text" and "Union of Salvation" Ivan Yankovsky broke off relations with his bride Vera Panfilova, rumors about his new darling began to spread on the Web. Telegram channel "Only to anyone" reported that the 29-year-old actor is courting actress Diana Pozharskaya, known for her leading role in the series "Hotel Eleon". As it turned out, the press speculations turned out to be just speculations - today Diana Pozharskaya refuted their words.

Diana gave a comment to 7Dney.ru, in which she said that she was happy with her husband and was not in a secret affair with a colleague.

I refute rumors of an affair with my co-star. I am happily married to Artem! Thank you for understanding,

- said Pozharskaya.

According to her, she and director Artem Aksenenko are in an ideal relationship. "We understand each other at a glance, or even without words, we think and feel the same," - quote the words of Pozharskaya 7Dney.ru. The director and actress have been married since 2016.

Recall that Ivan Yankovsky's romance with Vera Panfilova lasted more than 6 years. In 2017, Ivan even made an offer, but the wedding never took place.

In the future, both Vera and Ivan stopped sharing joint photos, although at the beginning of the year they were published together. They say that now everyone who is interested in the actor's relationship with his bride on Instagram is simply blocked.

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