Living In Two Houses: Famous Men Who Boast Two Wives

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Living In Two Houses: Famous Men Who Boast Two Wives
Living In Two Houses: Famous Men Who Boast Two Wives
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Nothing human is alien to the stars, including on the love front. Many famous men have long managed to live in two families. While the official wives did not know about the secrets of their husband, the actual ones safely raised common children and waited for the right moment to claim their rights to the star lover.

Valery Meladze

The favorite of women, Valery Meladze, surprised not only the whole country, but also his own wife Irina Malukhina, when it became known that for ten years he had lived in two families. The musician's romance with the VIA Gra soloist Albina Dzhanabaeva went so far that she gave birth to his son in 2004, while Valery had three daughters growing up from his wife. As soon as it became known that the singer was pregnant again, Meladze left Irina and is now raising two sons with Albina.

Yuri Nazarov

Probably no one else has such a confusing personal life as the actor Yuri Nazarov. Twice the star of Russian cinema was officially married. The first wife, however, can not be remembered, because this marriage was fleeting.

But the artist's second wife Tatyana Kudryavtseva has been with him for almost 60 years (!!!), but at the same time Nazarov had a long-term relationship with the Mosfilm artist Tatyana Razumovskaya, who bore him two daughters. And for twenty years he has been in a relationship with singer Lyudmila Maltseva. The 83-year-old actor has three children from his legal wife.

Alexey Uchitel

The famous director Alexei Uchitel has been married to producer Kira Saksaganskaya for over 30 years. The couple have two sons in common. For many years, Kira was not just a wife to Alexei, but also a friend, a comrade-in-arms. However, unfortunately, there is not enough ideal in this world.


In 2016, it became known that the Teacher is in a relationship with actress Julia Peresild, who is twice his age. The actress revealed that the 69-year-old director is the father of her two daughters. After the divorce from Kira, Alexey Efimovich managed to maintain good relations with her.

Leonid Filatov

There was a lot of beauty in the relationship between Leonid Filatov and Nina Shatskaya, but there were some unpleasant moments. For more than 12 years, the actor and satirist deceived his legal wife Lydia Savchenko, who sacrificed her career for him, the opportunity to become a mother, and much more.

After Shatskaya decided to divorce Valery Zolotukhin, Filatov also left his wife. For more than twenty years he was happy with Nina Sergeevna, and their romance received the status of one of the most beautiful love stories in the Soviet Union.

Mikhail Evdokimov

All his life, Mikhail Evdokimov was married to Galina Evdokimova, concluded in 1980. The couple have a common daughter, Anna. But it is known that just a few years after the birth of the child, the artist met with a friend of his youth, Nadezhda Zharkova, who left her husband for him. Evdokimov honestly warned his passion that he would never leave his wife.

The mistress was happy with everything, in 1995 she gave birth to Mikhail's daughter Anastasia. But two wives were not enough for the people's favorite, and Evdokimov had another lover - the mulatto Irina Belova, who bore him a son. The legal wife found out about the secret families of her husband only after his death. The news came as a big blow to her.

Tigran Keosayan

Tigran Keosayan was lucky enough to marry one of the brightest actresses in the country - Alena Khmelnitskaya. In the first year of marriage, the couple had a daughter, Alexander, and 17 years later, a second girl, Ksenia, was born. But the birth of his second daughter did not stop the director, who was carried away by the charismatic Margarita Simonyan.



In 2013, the mistress gave birth to a daughter from the director, and a year later she gave him a long-awaited son. After the birth of Bagrat (the son of Keosayan and Simonyan), the director left Khmelnitskaya and married Margarita.However, by some miracle, both women managed to make friends and are on excellent terms.

Mikhail Zadornov

We've saved the most incredible story for last. Hardly many fans know that Mikhail Zadornov was married all his life to one single woman, Velta Kalnberzina. She was his classmate, then a classmate and since 1970 his wife. This union seemed just perfect, but the wife could not give birth.

In the late eighties, Mikhail Nikolaevich began an affair with the beautiful Elena Bombina, who was 16 years younger than him. In 1990, the young mistress gave birth to a satirist's daughter Elena, at the same time his lawful wife became aware of his secret relationship. Velta was happy for her husband, although she was deeply worried about his betrayal. Until his death, she remained his most faithful friend. It is known that Zadornov filed for divorce only shortly before his death, putting his affairs in order. He also divided the inheritance into three most important women in his life: two wives and a daughter.

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