Fire! Fatal! : Oksana Fandera Naked In Sochi

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Fire! Fatal! : Oksana Fandera Naked In Sochi
Fire! Fatal! : Oksana Fandera Naked In Sochi

Video: Fire! Fatal! : Oksana Fandera Naked In Sochi

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Oksana Fandera arrived in Sochi to participate in the "Kinotavr". But the actress decided to please the fans not only with the image from the red carpet, where she lit up many diamonds worth about eight million rubles. Fandera managed to arrange a hot photo session on the Black Sea coast, the result of which she published on her Instagram. In the photo, she appeared almost naked, covering her bare chest with her hand. The snapshot immediately began to be vigorously discussed by netizens.


@ veriga10

"Luxury! Fire! Fatal!"

- wrote subscribers of Fandera.

The actress Vera Kincheva, with whom Fandera never managed to become related, also did not stand aside. For 10 years, her son Ivan Yankovsky was dating a girl and everyone was waiting for the wedding, but recently Vera announced that their romance had come to an end. It seems that she remained on good terms with her failed mother-in-law, so she also left a kind and emotional comment under the picture.

Recently it became known that Fandera's son is suspected in connection with the married actress Diana Pozharskaya. The couple actively exchange hearts in the comments, while Diana declares that she is happily married to director Artem Aksenenko.

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