Oksana Fandera Posed Topless In Sochi

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Oksana Fandera Posed Topless In Sochi
Oksana Fandera Posed Topless In Sochi

Video: Oksana Fandera Posed Topless In Sochi

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Video: Оксана Фандера позировала в Сочи с голой грудью / RuNews24 2023, February

Fans are delighted with the figure of the artist.

Today, the 52-year-old star of the painting "The Red Pearl of Love" Oksana Fandera is enjoying her vacation in Sochi in splendid isolation. Fans learned about this thanks to Instagram, where the film star posts sunny shots against the backdrop of local landscapes.

For one of them, the artist went to the hotel balcony by the sea and took off the top of a striped swimsuit, standing in profile to the camera and showing the graceful curves of a slender figure.

- Shall we go to dinner together on Saturday? - I'm getting married on Saturday - Then on Friday ?! Not all women are late for dates. Some do not come at all (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, - note WomanHit.ru),

- the actress signed the post.


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In the comments, numerous fans showered the celebrity with compliments, many believe that the wife of Philip Yankovsky, with her unfading beauty, makes 25-year-old young ladies envy. "Goddess", - the star of the series "Ekaterina" Marina Aleksandrova laconically said about the frame.

The presenter Masha Malinovskaya also appreciated the publication. Note that recently Fandera has been published with gray hair, which does not spoil her image at all, on the contrary, giving it more charm and mystery.

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