Barnabas Told How She Managed To Avoid Star Fever

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Barnabas Told How She Managed To Avoid Star Fever
Barnabas Told How She Managed To Avoid Star Fever
Video: Barnabas Told How She Managed To Avoid Star Fever
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Many acquaintances of Catherine Barnabas note that she is devoid of any selfishness. And recently, the artist took part in the project "George Behind the Scenes", where the presenter asked her about her views on life.


"Why did you manage to preserve humanity, but the conditional star N did not, and he or she begins to bend his fingers?"

The Comedy Woman member stated that she does not tolerate such behavior from colleagues and does not consider herself a celebrity herself.

"What is this concept of" star "? In general, it seems to me that this should be a legendary person. Here is Faina Ranevskaya - unattainable. It seems to me that the word "star" is so vulgar. Am I reachable? Absolutely!" - said Ekaterina.

Barnabas noted that a strict upbringing can be an excellent vaccine against star fever.

“Why didn't I get lost? Because I didn't have time for this, I worked all the time. I do not understand how they manage to conceal themselves. You plow, constantly go somewhere, fly, take pictures - in short, you work for your own name, so that in the end you then start giving up something. My parents never praised me. In fact, what I do, my parents categorically disliked and disliked. My mother, a doctor, wanted a different fate for me."

Once again, the actress admitted that in life she is quite an ordinary person.

“I know people who are afraid of me, consider me bitchy, arrogant, uncontrollable. And then they meet and say: "I generally imagined you differently." I don't think the magic happens to me in the frame. Now, if Chulpan Khamatova or Renata Litvinov comes in, then yes. I do not behave like a public person, I push it away from myself."

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