Miro Explained Why Efremov Cannot Be Justified

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Miro Explained Why Efremov Cannot Be Justified
Miro Explained Why Efremov Cannot Be Justified

Video: Miro Explained Why Efremov Cannot Be Justified

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Blogger Lena Miro expressed her opinion why Mikhail Efremov cannot be justified for drunk driving. She commented on the statement of the friend of the actor - restaurateur Tatyana Berkovich.

She tried to find an excuse for Mikhail Efremov, saying that terrible events had taken place in his life before the accident. A year ago, the actor's mother died, and then - Galina Volchek, artistic director of the Sovremennik theater.

"Misha called me and said that he was in a terrible state. For him, it all happened like this: he lost one mother, the second, and even they were kicked out of the house. For him it was a blow. Then it was worse - a pandemic."

In addition, Berkovich said that everyone in Russia loves to drink.

"Yes, Mikhail loves to drink. We all love to drink. Someone - a glass of champagne, someone - beer. Our country is generally susceptible."

According to Lena Miro, this cannot be an excuse for the fact that Efremov got drunk behind the wheel and arranged an accident that led to the death of a person.

"Until the moment" got drunk behind the wheel ", I understand everything and I can feel sorry for the person. And I can feel sorry for my mother, and scold the pandemic, and even remember Galina Volchek. I can even say: well, bang, Misha, if it's easier for you. However, after Misha gets drunk behind the wheel, in my mind, he turns from a snotty, weakling and insignificant into a murderer, "the blogger wrote.

In addition, she noted that Efremov had drunk before.

"An adult man hung up snot. He washed it down. True, he drank before, but now he began to thump with grief. Fortunately, there was a reason, right?"

Previously, Rambler reported that Miro ridiculed Borodina's statement about Muscovites.

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