The Taverns And Women Brought Efremov To The Zugunder

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The Taverns And Women Brought Efremov To The Zugunder
The Taverns And Women Brought Efremov To The Zugunder
Video: The Taverns And Women Brought Efremov To The Zugunder
Video: Shirley Myrli (comedy, dir. Vladimir Menshov, 1995) 2023, February

Citizen actor Mikhail Efremov is getting used to the role of the accused under house arrest. As you know, on the evening of June 8, on Smolenskaya Square, in the very center of Moscow, he drove into the oncoming lane at high speed and crashed into a van driven by a rotational driver from Ryazan, Sergei Zakharov. From his injuries, the 57-year-old man died in hospital a few hours later. The actor was in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication.


On the clock 21.03. Before the accident 40 minutes. A CCTV camera records how Efremov's black SUV is parked crookedly near the Irish pub Ulysses hidden in the side streets near the Smolenskaya metro station. (The price of the Jeep Grand Cherokee varies from 3.5 to 10 million rubles.) Turning around, the actor drives onto the sidewalk and almost knocks down passers-by. Then he misses the mark. He walks unsteadily into a pub. There he is a constant and beloved guest. Despite the fact that the institution during a pandemic should only work as a takeaway, the honored artist is hospitably served. A five-minute walk, in Plotnikov Lane, Efremov bought a spacious apartment a few years ago.

At 21.38 Efremov leaves the pub, gets behind the wheel and starts the engine. At some point, a police car passes in front of him. But the actor famously drives to the Garden Ring, where in front of the Foreign Ministry at 21.44 at full speed he crashes into a Lada delivery van driven by Sergey Zakharov.

Last flight

Zakharov was born in the village of Kuzminskoye, Ryazan region. Dad is a labor veteran, holder of the Order of Lenin, mother is an honored agronomist of the USSR. Now she is 85. According to neighbors, after a recent stroke, the pensioner hardly gets up, she cannot even warm up her food. Sergei often visited Maria Ivanovna: he courted, helped financially.

After school, Zakharov served in the army, graduated from the technical school of electronic devices, and entered a radio engineering university. In the dashing 90s he worked as a security guard, collected shelves for shops, and a couple of years ago he got a job as a courier in the Delikatesk delivery service. On duty, two weeks later, he delivered seafood to customers. In a service car, he got hit by Efremov's heavy jeep.


Express newspaper

“Many of our customers knew and loved him,” the company said. - He was a kind, responsible, hardworking person. The most worthy of our employees.

- He's been behind the wheel all his life, - shared Zakharova's cousin. - This is his first accident. In general, he did not like Moscow, he said that life forced him to work hard away from loved ones in his old age. They have a wonderful family. They lived, of course, poorly, but at the same time were happy. Seryozha was building a gazebo in the country. He promised to gather us for barbecue in August.

In Ryazan, Sergei's two sons from two marriages live: the younger Valery works in the police, in a convoy, the elder Vitaly is a mechanic in a car service. From the latter there is a seventh-grader granddaughter.

On the eve of the accident, Zakharov agreed with Valery to go fishing next weekend. In the summer he dreamed of resting in Abkhazia. The man filed for a divorce with his wife, but remained in a warm relationship. He promised to help with the funeral of his mother-in-law: she died the day before the fatal accident. In Moscow, since the beginning of the 2000s, Zakharov lived with his beloved woman, paramedic Irina Sterkhova. They planned to sign.

- He, after delivering all the orders, called me back, - Irina recalls crying. - I delivered the last one 10 minutes before the accident. I was going to return to the base, hand over the money. I was waiting for Seryozha with dinner, but there were no calls. Both personal and work phones are out of range. And then the news: Smolenskaya Square, accident, Efremov. And I know what area Seryozha was assigned to. I caught a glimpse of the logo of his company. As I got closer to the TV, the frame changed, and my heart skipped a beat.

While they were trying to get out of the car, the bloody, squeezed by the rubble, but still alive, Zakharov, the deranged Efremov could hardly stand on his feet and with difficulty turned his tongue.

- Do you understand what happened? The man was badly injured, - says a traffic police officer to the actor.

- Was it so badly hurt? I'll cure him. I have money up to ***! - Mikhail mutters.

Protection options

The "citizen poet" spent the night of June 8-9 at the police station. A criminal case was opened against him under Part 2 of Art. 264 of the Criminal Code (violation of traffic rules in a state of intoxication). And at six in the morning they were released on recognizance not to leave. Already in the afternoon he found himself not at the address of his registration, but in a house in Kazarmenny Lane.

Having learned about the death of the victim, the police reclassified the case to a more serious, 4th part of the same article of the Criminal Code (an accident that resulted in the death of a person) and decided to interrogate Efremov again. But he was playing for time, calling an ambulance four times under the pretext of feeling unwell. By evening, he was nevertheless taken to the police, and then to the court. Many eminent lawyers refused to defend the drunken killer. Finally, Elizaveta Shargorodskaya volunteered to represent Efremov's interests. When choosing a preventive measure, she listed for a long time all the titles and regalia of the artist, pressed on the fact that he should be left under subscription, because there are chronic ailments:

- Asthma, coronary heart disease. He is also the father of four children. I am against house arrest,”the lawyer insisted.

But the judge did not accept her arguments. Now, at least until August 9, Efremov, who pleaded guilty, is obliged to stay in his apartment in Plotnikov Lane with an electronic bracelet on his leg.

Of course, the lawyer will try to mitigate his term as much as possible (it means from 5 to 12 years in prison). Efremova will soon undergo a psychological and psychiatric examination. After all, if the insanity of Mikhail Olegovich is proved, he will go to the Durkee for treatment and will not trample the zone. There is another loophole. Lawyers believe that if the technical examination of Efremov's car shows a malfunction of the steering or brake system, then the case may be closed. In this case, the alcohol in the actor's blood will only be a reason for a fine and deprivation of rights.

- Cases when cars are deliberately damaged directly at the traffic police parking lots, stories are known, - says lawyer Maxim Vlasov. - And the most experienced burn cars or send them under pressure. No car - no expertise, and try to prove that the car was in good working order.

Mysterious Passenger

According to eyewitnesses to the accident, there could be another person in the car with Efremov, who immediately after the accident disappeared into the crowd. For example, one of the witnesses of the incident, Vladislav Zhenzhebir, recalled that this passenger was wearing a white T-shirt. However, later the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially announced: there was no one in the actor's car, except him.

Already 20 minutes after the accident, actor Ivan Stebunov with his wife and longtime friends of Efremov, Sergei Garmash (whose brother, by the way, became the culprit of the fatal car accident in 2011, arrived at the scene) and Nikita Vysotsky.

“The actress Daria Belousova called me, who told me that there was a big trouble with Mikhail Olegovich, and I came urgently,” Stebunov answered the reporters when asked how he managed to find out about the accident so quickly.

That is, 36-year-old Daria - a colleague of Efremov at the Sovremennik theater and the ex-wife of his brother Chulpan Khamatova, Shamil, could be that mysterious companion of Mikhail. Correspondents of Andrei Malakhov's program "Live" accidentally filmed her at the scene of the accident, and she was just wearing a white T-shirt.

In creative circles, they gossip that Daria and Mikhail Olegovich could well be lovers. This version is also supported by the fact that after the first interrogation of the dented Efremov, Garmash and Belousov were brought home from the police station. And for the second interrogation and trial, the actor was taken from Belousova's apartment in Kazarmenny Lane. It was Dasha who called the senior comrade of doctors. And her neighbors remembered that Efremov had been visiting his friend since the fall.I used her car more than once - a white Hyundai. At the same time, Efremov's wife, sound engineer Sofya Kruglikova, has been living with their three children in the country for the last couple of months. And during interrogation by the police (the transcript was published in the media) she said:

- Now there are some men next to Misha. They are friends from the bathhouse. They are from some organs, or something They often meet, drink together. And I'm afraid of them, to be honest. When they tell me in a rude voice “don't rock the boat, stay at home”, I get scared for the children. Misha is now in a difficult period, his mother died last summer. Then Galina Volchek died. And he went crazy, drank very hard. It was almost impossible to stop it. During the period of isolation, I practically did not communicate with him.

People from the environment of the couple believe that Efremov could well have cheated on Kruglikova. But it is not clear why Efremov's beloved women allowed him to drive drunk. Didn't they understand that sooner or later this would lead to tragedy

Drunken Mishutka's jokes

The path of Efremov's fall turned out to be a long one. The first glass, by his own admission, was brought to 14-year-old Misha on the set of the melodrama When I Become a Giant. There he starred and became close friends with Andrei Vasiliev, who became the producer of the Citizen Poet project.

“Between takes, we played poker with Misha for money, and once, in just 20 minutes, he owed me 75 rubles,” Vasiliev told Express Gazeta. - Salaries for schoolchildren for filming were then given to their parents. The children received only daily allowance - 2 rubles 65 kopecks. But Mishka promised to repay the debt in a couple of days. And he brought the entire amount on time in some crumpled bills, saying that he had taken it from his father. And only recently, drunk, he split that he robbed a drunk miner who was sleeping on the beach.


Express newspaper

At the age of 15, Misha was vacationing with his parents at the Akter boarding house in Yalta. While eminent ancestors were spending time in the company of colleagues, young Misha began to play cards again. This time with the son of Oleg Tabakov, 12-year-old Anton. By agreement, the loser had to burst into the dining room naked for breakfast.

Imagine: in the morning, the People's Artist of the USSR, director and theatrical block, at that time Alisa Freundlich's husband, Igor Vladimirov, is sitting at the table. He drinks kefir (he was then in a tie and did not spoil himself with a glass for breakfast). Next door, Galina Polskikh is eating oatmeal with sucks around her neck after a stormy night with her married lover - an astronaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Vitaly Sevastyanov. Nearby there are also a number of "folk" and "honored" ones. And now their peace is suddenly disturbed by a completely naked Misha. The shameless walked unhurriedly between the tables, laden with porridge and sandwiches, and left imposingly. The involuntary spectators lost their jaws from bewilderment.

From the first year of the Moscow Art Theater School, Efremov went to the army. The students immediately started talking that 19-year-old Misha was forced to go to serve because he daringly got into a trolleybus with some influential pensioner. He could not stand that the drunken boy pushed the elder, and called the police. The case smelled of kerosene, but our hero quickly faded away to repay the debt to his homeland in Vyshny Volochek.

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the famous father and artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Efremov, 34-year-old Mikhail during a meeting of the artistic council, being, according to eyewitnesses, very drunk, hit the deputy director for financial affairs Alexei Komarov and broke his nose. Two hours after the incident, Efremov Sr. signed an order to dismiss his offspring.

In March 2018, while on tour of the Sovremennik Theater in Samara, Efremov disrupted the play. Because of the drunken actor, the beginning was greatly delayed, and as soon as the curtain rose, Mikhail began to swear at the audience, who paid 4-7 thousand rubles for tickets. To the offended theatergoers who left their seats, the artist yelled after: "Well, get down!"

During the filming of Nikita Mikhalkov's drama "12", Efremov often appeared on the site podshofe. For this, celebrating the premiere at his dacha, Mikhalkov chided the artist:

"You, drunken face, will not be removed in any other film."- “How many years are you left? Five years? I will tolerate five,”Efremov replied and retreated. Since then, they have not communicated.

Last year, Mikhail Olegovich, while relaxing in a spa hotel in Odessa with actor Alexei Gorbunov, who escaped to live and star in Russophobic films, got so drunk that he fell into the pool. And he began to ask a 70-year-old lady from St. Petersburg to take him to land. She apologized and said that if she gave her hand to Misha, then the two of them would already be in the pool, and called for help from the lifeguard coach. Which brought the drunkard out of the water.

In March 2020, the actor was not allowed on board an airBaltic plane en route from St. Petersburg to Riga, as he was drunk. Having drawn up an administrative protocol, the famous violator was sent home. The artist's wife Sofya Kruglikova then stated that "people simply did not understand the scale of Efremov's genius."

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