Razin Remembered Meeting With Drunken Efremov

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Razin Remembered Meeting With Drunken Efremov
Razin Remembered Meeting With Drunken Efremov

Video: Razin Remembered Meeting With Drunken Efremov

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Video: Жена Ефремова вышла в свет и удивила публику странным поведением 2023, February

Producer of "Tender May" Andrei Razin recalled his meeting with a drunken Efremov at "Kinotavr". He wrote about this on his Instagram.

At first, Razin told how the drunk actor frightened others at an event in Sochi.

"He walked all the time, told obscene anecdotes about our politicians and simply caused some kind of horror among everyone around," he said.

The producer recalled that during the "Tender May", he tried not to let people addicted to illegal substances to the group. Razin also revealed the percentage of stars who, in his opinion, consume alcohol and prohibited substances.

“I think that we have almost 50% of our stars on the stage - drug addicts and alcoholics, who are constantly under the influence of illegal substances, transport them on airplanes. I saw this,” said the producer.


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Previously, Rambler reported that Alferova stood up for Efremov and his family.

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