Two Comas And A Heart Attack - I Understand, It's Time To Slow Down

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Two Comas And A Heart Attack - I Understand, It's Time To Slow Down
Two Comas And A Heart Attack - I Understand, It's Time To Slow Down
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Stas Piekha has been performing on stage since the age of 16, and this year the artist celebrated his 40th birthday. The name of a popular artist always appears in the press, although the occasions are not the most pleasant. Several years ago, the singer confessed to drug addiction, which brought him to intensive care.


In a frank interview with Sport24, Stas Piekha spoke about two heart attacks, attitude to alcohol and inner strength.

About addiction and drugs

Often a person comes to a healthy lifestyle, because there is no other way out. I am an addict: I can't use a little bit because I open Pandora's box and problems begin. I admit this, do not touch alcohol, and if I feel a desire, I use other mechanisms: I distract myself, analyze the situation and myself in it, communicate with friends who have remained clean for many years.

Addiction and destructive thinking are laid either genetically or in childhood, family or society through an emotional state, communication, and ignoring children. The child does not feel unconditional love from his parents, does not know how to accept and love himself, it becomes difficult for him, and he begins to become anesthetized.

Addiction is a life of pain, suffering and emptiness. I lived in this torment for many years before I managed to change something: I am still in search of hope and relief. Drugs and alcohol quickly lose their strength, stop pain relieving, and the worst moment comes: you cannot live without them, but you cannot with them either. It turns out a dead end of ten years, which ends sadly.

If you want to drink, you try to get away from uncomfortable feelings and sensations. For me, this is the norm that goes in the background. But I know about the consequences: one glass is not about me. No matter how many times I tried to do it, at best I ended up under a drip. This story is not about being so smart. Such decisions were preceded by two adolescent comas and one adult heart attack - after that I realized that it was time to slow down. For most, this never comes.

Nobody drags you to parties against your will. People from show business know: I am a person of a certain psychotype and do not attend events where they drink alcohol. Everyone treats this with respect and understands if I do not go to a birthday or a wedding. This does not mean that I do not care: I congratulate, support, help, but do not provoke myself. At first, someone was offended, then they got used to it. I don't live to be liked by anyone: I try to be happy for myself.

About a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not about sports, but about the need to hear and satisfy the body. People are chasing achievements and in this stream they do not hear themselves, and at some point the body "screams" and declares itself - this is how it was with me. For example, I work, go on tours, go in for sports and do not notice that the next night I sleep for three hours. Panic attacks begin, nervousness appears, but I don't understand: what's the matter? I'm on a healthy lifestyle, I don't drink, I don't hang out at night, but I just forgot about the basic needs of the body: sleep, rest, massage, meditation.

Nutrition, diets and breakdowns

When my stomach allows, I can do anything. Sometimes my stomach “fails,” and I stick to a diet. There is such a thing in medicine called "The Fifth Table" - this is my healthy diet.

There are days when I feel empty and I “eat up” this state. Buy chips, sweet popcorn, Dutch waffles. This happens a couple of times a week and I don't even try to control it.

I have a rule: live on a C grade. Although I am a gouge, I have an excellent student's syndrome. This eternal race of the perfectionist makes it difficult to do "well" - you always want better.I came to the psychological principle that you need to "live on a C grade": you allow yourself to do something that is not ideal, you lower the degree of responsibility and demands on yourself, and in the end, you do it much cooler. I can even allow myself to work out a C-grade concert, which turns out to be a five-plus. So in everything: you puff, try, torn, but you just need to reduce the importance of the case, and everything will work out.

About boxing, aggression and airplane piloting

More than twenty years ago I was engaged in kettlebell lifting and over the years I have achieved a fairly athletic body, now I am working on quality and endurance. There were athletic achievements that I was proud of: I pulled up ten times with a wide grip with 50 kilograms on my belt. Taking into account its own weight, it turned out to be 130 kilograms.

By nature, I am not just an extreme: I am an insane person! I flew the planes with a co-pilot, we practiced the elements of aerobatics: loops, barrels, corkscrew. I am proud that at 38 I made my dream come true and came to boxing. The coach considers me capable: I can pile on younger guys.

Striking sports where you can beat someone is the best way to deal with stress. Boxing is a cool thing for dealing with suppressed anger, which I don't know how to show: I either "explode" immediately, or I accumulate anger and still "explode". Therefore, I learn not to swallow grievances, and then - to beat in the face, but to mark the boundaries and resolve issues with a conversation, as soon as an impulse appears. I don’t watch football, hockey and figure skating - I don’t like flickering.

Aggression in me - to fig and more. It decreases within the framework of sports: I fought, spared, shook hands - and my soul was calmer. I love to follow the martial arts: boxing and MMA. I especially like the direction of Pop MMA, where young guys do promotions with their bare fists. My favorite is TopDog - a guy from the street who became popular and made his own promotion.

Of the athletes, I communicate with Dima Kudryashov: we met near a boxing club and it turned out that we have many similar values. I like brilliant Ukrainian boxers: Alexander Usik, Vasily Lomachenko, Dagestani guys: Magomed Ismailov, Khabib Nurmagomedov. I consider one of the best in Russia Vladimir Mineev - a first-class athlete.

Self-love and spirituality

If you listen to yourself, you will hear not only the needs of the body, but of the mind and soul. I have an inner immature child who wants to play, cry, laugh, be sad. But I'm a man: it's not always easy to "hear" the needs of this child.

I try to be in the process of recovery and get rid of the addictive thinking that calls for self-destruction. Introspection helps me, meetings with children who are recovering - we share our experiences and experiences. Twice a week I talk to a psychologist, I speak as a speaker at various meetings - this especially charges me with hope. Sometimes I meditate - though now I have forgotten it. Meditations and affirmations are cool things, they always work, I caught some tension and jumped off, I should return to this.

People are strangely arranged: they go in for sports, cut their hair, go for a manicure, pump their noses, lips, make funny faces and think that they are getting better and happier. More often the opposite: it makes them funny and ridiculous. At the same time, few people think about mental health or working with a psychologist. Although, you can go to professional consultations, disassemble your childhood, work out barriers and complexes, "rewrite" thinking - this is what helps to accept and love yourself, and not some external surgical measures.

Relationship with son

I am a remote father, and for the past six months, due to the pandemic, I have only been communicating with my son through video. We live in different cities, but I always try to listen to him, to help. I myself do not have enough maturity: in some matters I feel too grown-up, but in some cases childish reactions are manifested: I can freak out, stamp my foot.Therefore, I sit down for introspection: I write on paper the words that I address to myself when I am little. Often, these same words I say to my son. He is growing, I understand him more and more, and I hope we will find joint hobbies, we will go in for sports together and talk more.

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