Anastasia Kostenko Was Pissed Off By Haters

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Anastasia Kostenko Was Pissed Off By Haters
Anastasia Kostenko Was Pissed Off By Haters
Video: Anastasia Kostenko Was Pissed Off By Haters
Video: Анастасия Костенко отсудила алименты. Новые подробности 2023, February

Unknown persons posted Anastasia Kostenko's number on the Internet, after which the anonymous people began to "tear up" her phone with calls and messages. Many subscribers did not hesitate to throw mud at the girl, which she told about on her Instagram.

“A bunch of threats, undeserved insults and the thought:“For what?”. Disabled is impossible. There are two small children at home, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, who is, for a moment, 94 years old, other grandparents, brothers and sisters - that is, everyone who is theoretically under my scrutiny. There are a million of registered deliveries and among this stream there are calls from couriers, which, of course, I missed,”Tarasov's 26-year-old wife shared.

The stream of calls and angry messages with threats did not stop even at night, and the girl spent time in thought.

“I looked at the ceiling and wondered. The brain refused to understand what motivates strangers who do not know anything about me. Each text contains genuine anger, aggression and hidden complexes - well, just a delight for psychologists who would gladly sort out everyone's problems. Formally, I understand that this is abnormal, unhealthy, this is a problem of society. But humanly, I refuse to understand this embittered herd (otherwise, forgive me, you can't name it), believing in everything they write, and loving to arrange lynching, watch performances and rummage through someone else's dirty linen,”she continued.

Previously, Rambler reported that Buzovoy's sister had a stroke and could not speak.

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