Russian Stars Who Do Not Hide Breast Augmentation

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Russian Stars Who Do Not Hide Breast Augmentation
Russian Stars Who Do Not Hide Breast Augmentation
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Bloggers, singers, and actresses solve self-esteem problems with surgery.

Inserting implants or walking with small but natural breasts is a controversial issue. A clear example is TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva, who removed the implants because of the danger to her health. However, others are in no hurry to give up a luxurious neckline and openly talk about the operations performed.

WomanHit has compiled a selection of Russian stars who have enlarged their breasts.

Anna Khilkevich

At school, Anna was teased by her classmates for her small breasts. The actress recalls how she tried to put on underwear with foam cups, eat cabbage, use cosmetics that supposedly promise to increase the size, and so on, but nothing helped.

“One fine sunny day I finished this issue once and for all and underwent mammoplasty,”

- said Anna on Instagram.

Roza Syabitova

"A woman is always obliged to look good and take care of herself at any age,"

- shared the TV presenter shortly before the operation, which took place in 2012.

Rose had her breasts enlarged to size 3 and had a lift, removing excess skin that had stretched out during her weight loss.

Dana Borisova

After the birth of her daughter Polina, the TV presenter gained 30 kg, which she lost with difficulty. Her breast shape also changed, which made Dana unhappy. In the spring of 2014, according to "7 D", Borisova performed the operation, increasing her breasts to 3 sizes. Although the star was afraid of surgery, everything went well.

Irina Dubtsova

For the same reason, Irina Dubtsova decided on the operation. The star answered reporters:

"I did plastic surgery, because my breasts lost their shape after giving birth, and no exercise equipment, massages and miracle oils helped to return it to its previous state."

However, she advises to repeat her experience only to those for whom an ugly form really spoils life.

Oksana Samoilova

Oksana did her first operation after the birth of her daughter Ariela, and now she wants to repeat it.

“My implants are nine years old. They went through three children. It seems that everything is not bad, but it is necessary to redo it, as the breast was still increasing from feeding, and, you know, now it feels like the implant is too small for this breast”,

- writes Samoilova on her personal page.

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