Miro Pounced On Svetlana Bondarchuk

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Miro Pounced On Svetlana Bondarchuk
Miro Pounced On Svetlana Bondarchuk
Video: Miro Pounced On Svetlana Bondarchuk
Video: Светлана Бондарчук - Карта желаний, прогулка по местам детства и новые проекты 2023, February

Blogger Lena Miro tried to explain the activity of Svetlana Bondarchuk in the media. She published a new post on her blog.

After Svetlana Bondarchuk got married and changed her last name to Kharchenko, all the media wrote about her. Miro explains this by the fact that the star is trying to assert itself against the background of the pregnancy of the young lover of her ex-husband.

"Endless interviews about how she is still a woman. And endless whining about ageism. And the whole point is that Fedor dumped from an old climacteric to a young fertile woman and they will have a child" (Approx. Ed - here and further spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved)

Miro noted that many people choose their partners for procreation, even if they do not want children and do not plan. The blogger is sure that Svetlana cannot accept her age, so she is trying to assert herself.

"Here she is - Svetlana's main misfortune. Paulina - with a belly, and Svetka - with Kharchenko. I congratulate Paulina. I sympathize with Svetka. No, not because the climax, but because I feel sorry for her. Old and pathetic, yes"

Previously, Rambler reported that Miro criticized Mutzenice's statement.

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