Why Petrosyan's Only Daughter Left Russia

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Why Petrosyan's Only Daughter Left Russia
Why Petrosyan's Only Daughter Left Russia
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Rumors about the divorce of Yevgeny Petrosyan and Elena Stepanenko are still circulating. Despite the fact that the couple had been married for over 30 years, they had no children. Petrosyan has an only daughter, Victorina, from his humorist's first marriage. Rambler found out what the girl is doing now.

The quiz was born in 1964. Her mother was the younger sister of the famous ballerina Quiz Krieger. The girl was named after a famous relative. Quiz was raised by her dad, since her mother died when her daughter was very young.

Since childhood, Quiz has dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Dad even brought her to school at the Bolshoi Theater, where teachers tested her abilities. As a result, admission was postponed year after year and the girl was never able to go to ballet.

According to the girl, they often staged performances at home, and she did it very well. The genes of creative parents made themselves felt. In addition, her father was very afraid that she would not achieve success in acting, so he advised her to choose another profession. So she entered the history department of Moscow State University. After she worked as an organizer of exhibitions, she got married and left for the USA.



In America, Quiz Petrosyan began to bear the surname Petrosyants, and continued to pursue art. She eventually set up her own business selling glass toys, the Mark Andreas Collection. The name was chosen in honor of her two sons, Mark and Andrew.

In an interview, she said that she often sees her father, but he still worries that his family lives so far away. However, according to Quiz, she does not consider distance in our world to be a big problem.

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