Addiction And 5 Failed Marriages: The Tragic Fate Of Judy Garland

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Addiction And 5 Failed Marriages: The Tragic Fate Of Judy Garland
Addiction And 5 Failed Marriages: The Tragic Fate Of Judy Garland
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The famous American actress, Grammy and Golden Globe laureate, and Liza Minnelli's mother lived an amazing life. However, not as happy as she might seem at first glance.



Judy's mother Ethel saw her daughter's talent when she was barely two years old. It was at this age that she first appeared on stage with her sisters and sang a Christmas song. Without thinking twice, Judy's mother decided to become her producer. But the methods of raising a future star are by no means humane. Ethel took her daughter all over America to perform in nightclubs. It was not easy for the child to endure such a number of trips, so Ethel regularly stuffed her daughter with sleeping pills.

First role

For the first time Judy was invited to act in films when she was 13 years old. But for what reason it was she who was taken on the role is still unknown. She looked already too old for children's roles, but still did not reach adults. Moreover, the creators of the picture were not happy with the appearance of the young actress. She was forced to wear a plate on her teeth and was even persuaded to remake her nose. In addition, according to the contract, she was forbidden to gain weight, so she did everything to maintain her figure and almost refused to eat. It was this situation that subsequently gave rise to a huge inferiority complex in Garland, which she could not overcome until the end of her days.

But what is most terrifying about this story is that on the set, the actresses were given amphetamines. The drugs helped them work for dozens of hours straight without rest.



While the career of the actress was going uphill, Garland's personal life was a complete mess. Judy's first choice was musician David Rose, with whom she lived for only two years. After the divorce, Judy found out that she was pregnant, but her parents, studio and ex-husband demanded an abortion. The actress agreed, which she later regretted for a long time.

In 1945, Garland decided to try her luck again and married the director Vincent Minnelli. It was from him that the actress gave birth to her daughter Lisa, who followed in her mother's footsteps and became a legendary singer and actress.

Obviously, the birth of a daughter was the best event in all six years of marriage, because already in 1951, Judy divorced her husband and almost immediately married Sidney Laft. Life with him became a real hell for the actress: Laft regularly got drunk, and then beat his wife and their children - Lorna and Joe. After the divorce from Laft, Garland had another unsuccessful marriage in life, ending which she finally met the man with whom she spent the rest of her days - Mickey Deans.

Suspicious death

In June 1967, Deans found his wife dead in the bathroom. Garland died of an overdose, but her death was ruled accidental, despite the fact that she tried several times to commit suicide.

The actress's death was not blamed on anyone, despite the fact that Deans in his book "Judy and Me: My Life with Judy Garland" blamed the actress's third husband, Sid Laft, for everything.

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