What Happened To 46-year-old Shatunov

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What Happened To 46-year-old Shatunov
What Happened To 46-year-old Shatunov

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In the late 80s, the group "Laskoviy May" was at its peak of popularity. Their "White Roses" and "Gray Night" and to this day invariably sound at retro discos. However, few know about what happened to the most famous member of the team, Yura Shatunova.

Where lives

If you believe the data of journalists, back in the 90s, the singer moved to Munich for permanent residence. In one of his interviews, Shatunov said that he completely accidentally became imbued with the German mentality and the country as a whole. It happened during a tour to Germany. The artist performed for the Russian Germans for the first time, and that performance went very well. It was there that he met people who offered him to move, "taught and helped a lot in life."

Personal life

He also met his future wife Svetlana Shatunov in Germany. Once they bumped into a hotel cafe. The girl did not know who was in front of her - she moved to Germany as a child. The couple got married in 2007, despite the fact that their firstborn son Dennis was born six months earlier. Six years later, Shatunov had a daughter, Estella.

The artist's neighbors told the media that Yuri was an extremely caring father. He devotes all his free time to children, and when his daughter was very little, he swaddled her himself, fed her from a bottle and lulls her to sleep.


Despite the fact that Shatunov has not performed as part of the "Laskoviy May" group for 30 years, he does not leave stage activities. The singer still takes part in "consolidated" concerts of retro music, where he performs not only old hits, but also new songs of his own composition. Moreover, in his house, Yuri built a whole studio for recording tracks. Shatunov's last record, "Don't Be Silent," was released in 2018.

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