Ekaterina Andreeva Told How To Arrange A Man

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Ekaterina Andreeva Told How To Arrange A Man
Ekaterina Andreeva Told How To Arrange A Man
Video: Ekaterina Andreeva Told How To Arrange A Man
Video: Честное слово с Юрием Николаевым. Екатерина Андреева. Выпуск от 01.10.2017 2023, February

The famous TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva on her page on the social network Instagram talked about her vacation in Thailand. The star has posted several videos of a group of Thai girls dancing. Andreeva said that many men like the dancing of girls at the pole, however, the meditative passes by the hands of Thai girls caused a huge response from the company with which Andreeva is resting. The TV presenter, as she admitted, herself tried to "twist the handles at the man's nose." In the end, she only made her husband, a businessman from Serbia Dusan Perovic, laugh.

“And this is also an important part of the relationship. If you laugh together, the chance to laugh until the marriage certificate increases. Checked on myself. And I congratulate everyone on our so cute and illogical Old New Year! How is it in Russian? You feel good? - Well no. My foreign husband always rounds his eyes - how's that? Yes or no? And how is Old New? That's how! It may be incomprehensible, but damn attractive,”said the presenter.

“Catherine, thank you for your light, beauty and radiance, for giving so much light and magic. The hand movements are talented and adorable. What flexibility these girls have on the inside”,“Super duper ultra mega brilliant! Delightful! With the onset of the Old New Year, I wish you an immediate renewal of happiness, renewal of pleasant acquaintances, intoxication with joy and overwhelm from fulfilling desires. Let things fly up the hill, and health will be strong and indestructible! " - users noticed in the comments.

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