Razin Promised To Marry Pugacheva

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Razin Promised To Marry Pugacheva
Razin Promised To Marry Pugacheva

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With an unusual statement was made by the producer of the group "Laskovy May" Andrei Razin. The man said that if Galkin and Pugacheva part, he is ready to marry the prima donna of the national stage. This is reported by "Interlocutor".

“Yes, I would have accepted the Prima Donna myself! In general, there is a whole line of potential new husbands of Pugacheva in show business! Including the Basque. Who wouldn't take Pugacheva ?! This is advertising - live with it!"

The producer explains his position by the fact that for the last six months Galkin has not had concerts. The man believes that the separation will happen in the very near future. In the past, due to financial insolvency, Pugacheva abandoned her other young chosen one, Philip Kirkorov.

"The gossip about the divorce comes from the fact that Maxim does not pull Alla Borisovna. Imagine, Alexander Buinov, for example, comes to visit them, and Pugacheva says:" Oh, Maksik does not work! He does not go on tour! Does not earn anything … " Buinov, what will he do in this situation? Will go to another artist to say this, and he will give it to someone else. So gossip started! And Alla Borisovna, by the way, when she gets offended, she immediately collects things and runs away. So she did with Kirkorov. ", - said Razin" Interlocutor ".

Razin believes that if the comedian runs out of money, his wife will immediately kick him out of the house. But Pugacheva's next divorce will not hurt to find a new husband, since she has a whole supply of star suitors.

Previously, Rambler told how critic Sergei Sosedov commented on the relationship between Galkin and Pugacheva.

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