Dig Your Own Grave: Borodin Scandals With Crimeans

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Dig Your Own Grave: Borodin Scandals With Crimeans
Dig Your Own Grave: Borodin Scandals With Crimeans
Video: Dig Your Own Grave: Borodin Scandals With Crimeans
Video: A man is forced to dig his own grave in the desert. But the ground is hard. | Dig Your Own Grave 2023, February

One of the most popular TV presenters in the country, Ksenia Borodina, followed the example of other domestic stars and replaced the stone Moscow jungle with the hot Sochi sun.

So, the TNT star went with her family to the Black Sea coast and, of course, talked about it on her Instagram. But instead of wishes for a good rest, I received dissatisfied comments.

Moreover, they are connected not with Sochi, but with the Crimea. In particular, one of the fans of the star asked when Xenia will visit Crimea. Another resident of the peninsula reacted to this comment, saying that it is not necessary to come to the resort, "it is not rubber, there is nothing to breathe."

Borodina did not disregard the comment and wrote a whole response post for all residents of Russian resorts, who are now asking not to come to them because of excessive occupancy.

"Moscow, too, is not rubber, and for a long time already, only many are working in Moscow and we are standing in traffic jams of kilometers, we breathe nothing. For the second moment, you yourself are not happy that people can of course because of the pandemic, no one denies this fact, but they are resting in Russia and it's cool. Cool for ourselves, "Borodina wrote.

At the same time, the star noted that she herself adores Turkey, but the pandemic disposed of her vacation differently, which is why she flew to Sochi.

“I cannot say that we are not well received here or there are no decent places and hotels. Tourism is well developed throughout Europe, well done, they are doing their best, but you ruin everything for yourself with such statements!

The country should develop and it will be good, if it will be due to tourism, among other things, the money will not be taken to Turkey, but will be spent here in their native Penates.

The price issue would be solved and it would be very good. Now they have raised a lot because of demand and the fear that they will not arrive in such quantities anymore, but so work to ensure that people come back, let's adequate prices, service and people will strive to relax in Russia, "the presenter shared.

Borodina noted that malicious messages from local residents of Russian resorts only spoil the attitude towards them.

"But with such messages, about coming in large numbers to Crimea, you are digging your own grave. I think that adequate people who run a business in Crimea or Sochi or Altai, no matter where, are always glad to tourists and understand that this is only for development. plus, "she concluded.

Many netizens supported Ksenia's position:

"In Crimea, the favorite word is" large numbers of people. "How can it be that these" large numbers of people "are to blame for everything ((Service is not any, prices are crazy, but they only want to stir up loot with a shovel …";

"And what will the non-rubber Crimea live on if tourists don't come?";

"I am resting in Crimea now - there are not so many people. And yes, there is enough space for everyone everywhere."

"It's very strange! What does Crimea live on then ?! Sochi lives on tourism, we are very glad to guests and all visitors … always!"

The opinions of the Crimeans themselves were divided on this score. Some believe that the peninsula will survive without tourists, and crowds of tourists during a pandemic this year could turn into big problems:

"What kind of grave are we, Crimeans, are we digging, Ksenia? Crimea is the location of the Black Sea Fleet, first of all, and not a resort. A minimum percentage of the population lives on tourism. Do me a favor, do not come …".

Others nevertheless wrote that despite the fullness of the resort, they are always glad to welcome guests:

"I myself live in Crimea and I completely agree with you Xenia !!! … everything has its time and we will have a service … I am glad that we have a lot of new people."

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