Happy Sedokova Announced Replenishment

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Happy Sedokova Announced Replenishment
Happy Sedokova Announced Replenishment

Video: Happy Sedokova Announced Replenishment

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Video: Анна Седокова - Самолёты (Премьера клипа 2020) 2023, February

The artist posted a funny video on Instagram. In the signature to him, Anna Sedokova shared her plans for the coming year with fans.

In the video, almost the entire family of the singer is dancing. Only the daughter of Sedokova Monica, who remained with her grandmother, is not in it.

The performer said that she is grateful for the outgoing year. "For my family. Yes, we are not quite standard, but who said that everyone should be the same? We are very happy. We cherish and love each other, we have fun and it is interesting to live)," Sedokova admitted (hereinafter, spelling and punctuation authors preserved - ed.).

In addition, the singer promised that next year her family will definitely get bigger. "I don't know for sure whether it will be a nice guy dancing in the background or just watching us with a smile, or me with a belly and someone dancing in me," Anna intrigued the followers.

Sedokova did not rule out that a turtle or even a crocodile may appear in their family in 2019. In the comments under the video, the user of the social network left kind comments and congratulated the singer on the upcoming New Year. "What cool ones, let everything be fine with you", "Anna, it's so nice to look at your big family! You are such a good fellow !!! May God grant you love and happiness next year !!! Your children are wonderful !!!" - Sedokova's subscribers wrote.

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