Nyusha Boasted A Figure In A Swimsuit

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Nyusha Boasted A Figure In A Swimsuit
Nyusha Boasted A Figure In A Swimsuit

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The singer showed her figure two months after giving birth.

Nyusha, 28, became a mother in early November. The singer's daughter was born in the USA, from where the newly-made mother periodically shows hot photographs. A few hours ago, Nyusha published the first postpartum photo in a swimsuit. The singer poses on the beach in a one-piece leopard-print outfit, but this did not prevent her followers from drawing attention to the beautiful figure of a young mother.

"You look great", "How beautiful you are, Nyusha, just a bomb", "Gorgeous girl", "The figure is a feast for the eyes", "You look very good … such a beautiful … figure!" - admire Nyusha's subscribers.

It is worth noting that the other day the singer admitted on the social network that after the birth of a child, she became more attentive to her diet. “Has your diet changed a lot since the birth of your babies? Mine is yes, and my body seems to tell me what it wants. I really fell in love with vegetables - I began to eat both baked and a lot of fresh ones … And I also began to add some dairy products, for example, I indulge myself with yogurt,”said Nyusha.

We will remind, last year Nyusha married the adviser to the President of the International University Sports Federation Igor Sivov. The girl, born on November 6, became the first child for Nyusha. Igor also has two sons from his first marriage.

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