Into Show Business Through Bed

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Into Show Business Through Bed
Into Show Business Through Bed
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On the Internet, they are discussing Russian ladies who, if they can say “I achieved everything myself,” then with a very big stretch. The list of girls from show business who were "helped" to become famous and not at all for their special talents leaves no doubt - even if you are smart and beautiful, alas, the way to the stars still lies through the bed.

The aspiring actress Vysotskaya met the eminent director Andrei Konchalovsky at Kinotavr in 1996. Yulia's career immediately skyrocketed, but perhaps this is a "happy coincidence".

Katya Lel, 22, was the mistress of her 46-year-old producer Alexander Volkov. He spent several million dollars to promote the singer: "Musi-Pusi" and "Jaga-Jaga" were played from all irons. They say that Albina

Dzhanabaeva was casting at VIA-GRU in Valery Meladze's hotel room, but everyone knows how this story ended.

The start of Elena Korikova's career, as many believe, is inextricably linked with her romance with cameraman Maxim Osadch. Thanks to him, she first appeared in the music videos of Alla Pugacheva, Dmitry Malikov, Igor Krutoy, Valery Leontyev and Philip Kirkorov. He pushed the actress in all the projects that he could, and even in the TV series "Poor Nastya", after which she became a star. By the way, during these filming, Elena left him.

Yulia Peresild was first noticed by Yevgeny Mironov, Peresild, who in 2007 introduced the young protégé to Alexei Uchitel, who blinded a real star from an inexperienced actress, and then left her from his wife and children.

Perhaps the brightest movie star that Stanislav Govorukhin "lit" was the beautiful Svetlana Khodchenkova. They say that during the filming of the famous film "Bless the Woman" the master was so in love with the 19-year-old Sveta that he seriously considered parting ways with his wife.

Well, the cherry on the cake - Victoria Bonya became a TV presenter on TNT after having sex with producer Mitroshenkov, at least Alena Vodonaeva spoke about this and writes the Kuryatnik channel.

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