Expensive Purchases Of Russian Stars In 2020

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Expensive Purchases Of Russian Stars In 2020
Expensive Purchases Of Russian Stars In 2020

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In the past year, many famous people have less work due to the pandemic. But, firstly, not all of them. And secondly, old savings or even a mortgage come to the rescue. Traditionally, the most expensive purchases are real estate, cars and jewelry.

Apartment for 58 million rubles


In the fall, Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya had a second common child - again a boy! And on New Year's Eve, they managed to resolve the issue of expanding their living space - they purchased an apartment in an elite residential complex in the center of Moscow. The apartment is not renovated yet, but the main thing is that it exists. The price per square meter in this residential complex is from 327 thousand rubles. According to rough estimates, at least 40 million rubles had to be paid for a new nest, or even more.

In the last days of 2020, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev entered the new apartment with his son Platon, common-law wife Ekaterina and her daughter Lada. The family settled not far from their former place of residence in the area of ​​the Patriarch's Ponds. A new spacious apartment with a library is estimated at more than 50 million rubles.

Singer Anna Sedokova boasted that in the summer she bought an apartment for 58 million rubles. in the center of Moscow. True, in a mortgage: the monthly payment is 430 thousand rubles. The apartment is currently being renovated.

Singer Monetochka (Liza Gardymova) in January 2020 invested all her savings in buying a house in the mountains, near Krasnaya Polyana. Spent 18 million rubles. “The neighbors have luxurious houses made of timber, everything is so beautiful, and mine was such a funny fool. Dad and I immediately began to repair it, changed the roof, cladding, demolished the walls, and it turned out to be very nice and cozy,”Liza said. Most of the time, the singer now lives in Sochi in this house. So she spends her honeymoon with her husband there.

Auto for 20 million rubles


Nastya Ivleeva bought a car in her family garage, fulfilling a student's dream. The blogger and TV presenter bought a Lamborghini Aventador sports car, which is estimated at 20 million rubles. “I am bursting with pride,” Ivleeva did not hide.

The leader of the Little Big group Ilya Prusikin bought a black Porsche Cayenne Coupe. The most budgetary version of this model costs 6 million rubles. Actress Agatha Muceniece bought her first Porsche, after her divorce from Pavel Priluchny, she changed her Mercedes-Benz GL-class to a more expensive car. Now the actress has a brand new Porsche Cayenne SUV. Agatha says she bought the German crossover with her royalties. The old car also remained in the artist's garage.

For the New Year, the queen of the chanson Lyubov Uspenskaya gave herself a car worth under 50 million rubles. This is a chic Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Dima Bilan said that he is starting a new stage of life with a white Cadillac XT6, which costs about 5 million rubles. The singer admits that he dreamed about this car even during his work with Yuri Aizenshpis - the late producer had a car of this brand: “I often looked at it, thinking that someday I would definitely take possession of it!”

Singer Slava gave her eldest daughter, 21-year-old Alexandra Morozova, a Mercedes-Benz GLA: a student and aspiring singer now drives a car worth almost 5 million rubles.

From 1 million rubles. for decorations


At social events, stars most often sparkle with diamonds, which are given to them to "walk" large jewelry companies - this is such an advertisement. And some pamper themselves. Ekaterina Barnabas delighted herself with a very original gold ring made to order - green jade is framed by a scattering of diamonds.

Last year Olga Buzova and her beloved David Manukyan presented expensive gifts to each other. On the anniversary of the relationship, David presented Olga with earrings, a bracelet, earrings and a chain from Cartier. And Olga, in return, presented David with a Rolex watch and a Mercury bracelet. Investments in each other turned out to be equivalent - 5 million rubles each.

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