Rapper Dzhigan Ended Up In A Clinic For Addicts

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Rapper Dzhigan Ended Up In A Clinic For Addicts
Rapper Dzhigan Ended Up In A Clinic For Addicts
Video: Rapper Dzhigan Ended Up In A Clinic For Addicts
Video: Вадим Галыгин х Джиган | ЧТО БЫЛО ДАЛЬШЕ? (Сабуров, Щербаков, Рептилоид, Тамби, Детков) 2023, February

The famous Russian rapper Dzhigan recently became a father for the fourth time. His wife Oksana Samoilova gave birth to a long-awaited son in Miami, and all the fans were infinitely happy about the addition to the family.

However, the image of the ideal family was greatly shaken when Dzhigan went live on Instagram, showing him wandering around the house in a clearly inadequate state. Under the influence of what substances Dzhigan was unclear, but judging by the footage next to him was one of his daughters, whom he asked to bring beer.

Fans were shocked that the rapper was cursing in front of a child and aggressively telling strange stories to the camera.

Later it turned out that Dzhigan was placed in the elite Seaside Palm Beach, where they are being treated for alcohol and drug addiction. A month of treatment costs the patients 5.4 million rubles.

At the same time, he himself showed footage from the clinic, which shows that he shaved off his beard and eyebrows.


"I am a psychiatric patient. I am treated well, fed well. You see, I am in a psychiatric hospital," the rapper wrote.

At the same time, Dzhigan is already publishing photos of his wife and asks her for forgiveness.

"I love you, dear! And I will love forever! You saved my life! Whoever saves one life, he will save the whole world!", - he writes.

Oksana Samoilova herself did not comment on the situation, but wrote on her Instagram that she did not want to "wake up in this world."

Previously, Rambler reported on the procedure they performed for their newborn son.

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