Borisova Listed Stars With Dependencies

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Borisova Listed Stars With Dependencies
Borisova Listed Stars With Dependencies
Video: Borisova Listed Stars With Dependencies
Video: Юра Борисов / Yury Borisov – new Russian cinema star (Eng subs) 2023, February

The TV presenter on the YouTube show Vitaly Milonova spoke with the presenter about celebrities who are prone to bad habits.

The release of the program, in which Dana took part, was devoted to addictions in show business. Borisova admitted that she herself not so long ago recovered from drug addiction and knows very well about addictions.

According to Dana, most media personalities would not have passed a drug test if they had done one before filming each TV show, as program participants are now being tested for coronavirus.

- Now on television, everyone is tested for coronavirus, but I would love to make the stars take a urine test before each shooting, I think we would learn a lot of interesting things.

- said Borisova, implying the addictions of some stars, about which it is not customary to speak publicly, since they are illegal.

Dana did not hesitate to name several names of celebrities who, in her opinion, definitely suffer from drug addiction. Among them, as Borisova is sure, Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey, Ksenia Sobchak, as well as journalist Yuri Dud.

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