Miro Spoke About The Scandal With Volya

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Miro Spoke About The Scandal With Volya
Miro Spoke About The Scandal With Volya

Video: Miro Spoke About The Scandal With Volya

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Video: Камеди Клаб. Павел Воля об инста-моделях в политике 2023, February

Lena Miro spoke about the situation after Pavel Volya was noticed in the company of an unfamiliar girl. She spoke about this in her blog.


At first, Miro noted that she did not believe in love between Volya and Utyasheva. She added that the stars have been together for 8 years. In her opinion, after such a long period of time, there is no romance in the relationship.

"Ask me - do I believe in Pavel's unearthly love for Utyasheva? I will answer honestly - the more public confessions, the less sincerity. Perhaps 8-9 years ago, when the relationship between a comedian and an athlete was just beginning, something was there between them ", - wrote Miro (Approx. ed. - hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved)

At the same time, Miro is sure that some photographs of a girl with a drunken Will cannot be called evidence of treason.

"What, in fact, does the photo prove to us? I see a drunken man sitting in a noisy place with girls."

However, the blogger noted that the footage still suggests that the comedian allows himself to go to hot spots and spends time without his wife and children.

"Pavel hangs out without a wife, without children. He lets some girls come to his table. Perhaps Volya is like Tarzan-Glushko. What did Koroleva say? Too naive, well-mannered, can't help but give tea when the girls came to him ?"

Previously, Rambler reported that Gurtskaya responded to rumors about an affair with Nikolayev.

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