Poverennova Married Millionaire Sharonov

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Poverennova Married Millionaire Sharonov
Poverennova Married Millionaire Sharonov

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Video: Дарья Повереннова поведала о непростых отношениях с Валерием Николаевым 2023, February

Russian theater and film actress Daria Poverennova married millionaire Andrei Sharonov. She announced this on her page on the social network Instagram.

The wedding ceremony took place on Sunday, February 14, at the Spiridonov mansion in Moscow. “We have been working towards this for almost eight years! And they came!”, - signed the 48-year-old Poverennova published pictures from the ceremony. For the wedding, the actress dressed up in a white pantsuit and silver stilettos.

57-year-old Andrey Sharonov became the chosen one of Daria Poverennova. He is the head of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. According to Forbes magazine, his fortune exceeds 163 million rubles.

For the actress, this is the second marriage, she was previously married to director Alexander Zhigalkin. Has a daughter from his first marriage.

Daria Poverennova became famous after the release of the series "Birthday of the Bourgeois". She also starred in the TV series "Turkish March", "Truckers", "Brigade", "Guardian Angel", "Angel or Demon".

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