The Most Beautiful Aged Celebrities Named

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The Most Beautiful Aged Celebrities Named
The Most Beautiful Aged Celebrities Named
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Swedish wellness brand Foreo has conducted an online survey to rank the most beautiful aging celebrities. Reported by the Mirror.


Among women, the first was 73-year-old British actress and Oscar winner Helen Mirren.

In second place was Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain (92 years old), who chose not to use anti-aging procedures. On the third - the American singer Madonna (60 years old), who, on the contrary, regularly resorts to the help of plastic surgeons.

The fourth was the American country singer and film actress Dolly Parton, who turned 73 in January, and the fifth is the 72-year-old singer Cher. The top ten also includes Judy Dench (84), Tina Turner (79), Kim Basinger (65), Sharon Stone (61) and Susan Sarandon (72).

The 69-year-old Golden Globe winner, American actor Richard Gere, was named the most handsome aged man.

Together with him, actors Liam Neeson (66 years old), Pierce Brosnan (65 years old), Arnold Schwarzenegger (71 years old) and Harrison Ford (76 years old) were in the top five.

They were followed by Kevin Bacon (60), Paul McCartney (76), Robert De Niro (75), Gary Oldman (61) and Mick Jagger (75).

In July last year, the American edition of Vogue listed the most beautiful brunettes of the last century and today. A total of 39 dark-haired women were included in the list. In particular, former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, British actress Audrey Hepburn, “Hollywood Queen” Elizabeth Taylor, American singer and poet Patti Smith and Nicaraguan actress Bianca Jagger.

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