9 Stars For Whom Cheating Is A Common Thing

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9 Stars For Whom Cheating Is A Common Thing
9 Stars For Whom Cheating Is A Common Thing

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The world held its breath when the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie, handsome actor Brad Pitt, was spotted by reporters on a joint romantic journey with German model Nicole Poturalski. The tale ended very quickly: he found out that she was happily married to his old friend, so he returned from his castle on a private jet alone.

But Brad was not always so scrupulous about marriage - suffice it to recall that he himself was still married to Jennifer Aniston when he started dating Angie, and she, in turn, broke not only this union, but also the family of Billy Bob Thornton. Which of the stars does not know how to be faithful, for whom cheating is a common thing?

1. Charlie Sheen

The first marriage with Donna Peel lasted only a year - it was the actor's betrayal that caused the separation. Endless drunkenness, tyranny and the desire to possess every woman in the district led to the fact that Sheen's second wife filed for divorce: actress Denise Richards was not even stopped by her six-month pregnancy with her second child. Three years later, Charlie's wedding followed with actress Brooke Mueller, who gave birth to twin boys in marriage - and almost immediately it became known about the numerous betrayals of her husband with girls of easy virtue. Bottom line: loneliness and HIV-positive status, ruined career of the former first-tier actor and lack of money.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Iron Arnie seemed like a godly family man, but his marriage to Maria Shriver fell apart 31 years after the wedding. No one understood how, but the actor and politician managed to hide the connection with the family's housekeeper for decades. Moreover, she gave birth to a child who is the same age as the youngest son of Terminator - the children were born in 1997, a month apart.



3. Mel Gibson

The same period - 31 years - the actor was married to actress Robin Moore, during which time they had 7 children. Everything collapsed when spicy pictures appeared in the media, in which Gibson could be seen with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. A divorce followed, then - the announcement of the pregnancy of the actor's girlfriend. The couple broke up very ugly when Mel's eighth daughter was less than six months old - since then, the parents have not been able to reach an amicable agreement. The ninth child was born three years ago, the actor is not married to his mother.

4. Ozzy Osbourne

The musician celebrated the birthday of his son Jack in a very peculiar way - while his wife was giving birth to a baby, he was having fun with the nanny of his eldest daughters. Later, Ozzy's wife Sharon said that this was not the first affair - among his passions were girls from escort services and the family's long-term personal hairdresser. Osborne was already 70 years old at the time. As a result, the loving rocker went to psychotherapy to cope with his passion for women.

5. Kristen Stewart

The beginning looked beautiful: Stewart had a four-year romance with his Twilight partner - the fans of the saga were in awe, the lovers were planning a wedding. Then the actress cheated on her fiancé with a married director Rupert Sanders, and he could not find the strength to forgive her to the end - they parted.



After that, Kristen switched to women - and continued to cheat. She cheated on Alicia Kargile with the singer Soko, then she cheated on her with her ex-girlfriend. Then she went to the singer St. Vincent, and from that - to the British model Stella Maxwell. Now confusion reigns in the actress's personal life.

6. Ben Affleck

The actor broke Jennifer Lopez's heart when he left her a few days before the planned wedding. Then he went to actress Jennifer Garner, whom he married a year later. The perfect picture of marriage was shattered when Affleck's relationship with a young nanny of three children surfaced - and divorce ensued. Years later, it turned out that the actor had cheated on both his wife and his mistress with producer Lindsay Shukus.

7. Sienna Miller

Everyone sympathized with the actress when her engagement to the handsome Jude Law fell through: it turned out that the groom cheated on her with his nanny of his children from a previous marriage. But then everyone found out that she did not waste time and at the same time met with Daniel Craig. Then she left both for the actor Balthazar Getty, but returned to Jude (the lover's wife had by that time given birth to her fourth child). And two years later, the windy actress went to Tom Sturridge, and gave birth to a daughter - but she broke up with him too - according to rumors, due to a passion for Brad Pitt.



8. Hugh Grant

The actor seemed like the perfect companion to Elizabeth Hurley, until reporters learned about Hugh's secret addiction to vicious relationships - most often these were "moths". The bride strongly supported the unfaithful boyfriend when both the court and society were against him. After 13 years, the couple still broke up - Grant continued to cheat on his partner.

9. Jack Nicholson

For 17 years, the actor lived with Angelica Houston, whom he cheated on from the very first day of their sparkling romance. The woman in love understood everything, forgave and endured endless intrigues and calls to the home phone of her partner's passions, but her patience ran out when it turned out that the actress Rebecca Broussard was expecting a child from her beloved. Moreover, the actor by that time already had a grown-up daughter on the side of the Danish model Vinnie Hollman.

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