Konstantin Ivlev Lost 30 Kilograms Due To Health Problems

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Konstantin Ivlev Lost 30 Kilograms Due To Health Problems
Konstantin Ivlev Lost 30 Kilograms Due To Health Problems
Video: Konstantin Ivlev Lost 30 Kilograms Due To Health Problems
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The famous Russian TV presenter and chef Konstantin Ivlev said that he managed to lose 30 kg. According to the showman, his transformation has nothing to do with the fact that he has a new young wife.


Ivlev admitted that he always wanted to lose weight. With a weight of 130 kg, he looked more powerful than fat, he said.

As the TV presenter noted, he suffers from professional problems of cooks - varicose veins and gastritis. Over time, due to the exacerbation of these diseases, he could lose the ability to work as before.

My surgeon said: “Kostya, you must understand, you are not getting younger. The weight is very heavy, and your legs are feeding you. Therefore, if you want to be in good shape, take care of yourself,”he said in an interview with Alena Zhigalova on YouTube.

To bring the weight back to normal, Konstantin Ivlev changed his eating habits, including practically abandoning starchy foods. A little flour and tea with sugar, he allowed himself to eat only for breakfast. The chef began to exercise regularly, choosing swimming instead of running and exercise machines. As a result, the combination of sports and proper nutrition led to a loss of 30 kg.

Ivlev also noted that all this time he was supported by his new wife Valeria Kudenkova. She did not allow her to relax restrictions and eat something harmful.

Earlier NEWS.ru wrote that 47-year-old TV presenter Konstantin Ivlev on February 14 registered a marriage with his chosen one, model and student of Moscow State University Valeria Kudenkova. The girl published footage from the registration of marriage in Instagram stories. Judging by the geotag, the case took place in the Wedding Palace 1. On February 13, Kudenkova shared a photo with a laconic caption: “Bride pary” (bride's party). The model in the picture is surrounded by happy friends, everything around them is strewn with sparkles, the room is decorated with balloons. The bachelorette party took place in one of the towers of the Moscow City complex.

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