Alexey Panin Showed His House In Spain

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Alexey Panin Showed His House In Spain
Alexey Panin Showed His House In Spain

Video: Alexey Panin Showed His House In Spain

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Video: Про жилье в Испании 2023, February

The controversial actor Alexei Panin published a video titled "One Day in Spain" on his YouTube channel. Part of the filming took place in the house where the artist lives with his daughter.

Panin now lives in one of the houses in the city of Torrevieja in the province of Alicante. The apartment is decorated in light colors - the floor is lined with white tiles, the walls are also white, and the walls are decorated with paintings. At the same time, outwardly, the house is no different from the high-rise buildings typical for the south of Spain.

The actor, in his usual manner, commented on the heat outside.

“The heat is just incredible. Now I would undress and naked at sea. Very hot".

And then he said that he did not regret at all about changing his place of residence, although not everything pleases the actor in a new place.

“I do not regret in the least that I left. I have long wanted to move to Europe. Yes, a lot of difficulties, a lot of things that disappointed me. Probably, if I had any financial capabilities, I would have moved to Italy. But what the space has given - I am grateful,”concluded Panin.

In August, Panin received a residence permit in Spain. He announced this in his Instagram account.

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