Miro Walked Along Bochkareva

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Miro Walked Along Bochkareva
Miro Walked Along Bochkareva
Video: Miro Walked Along Bochkareva
Video: Наталья Бочкарева прячет наркотики в трусы на глазах у полицейских | Видео 2023, February

Blogger Lena Miro compared the photos of Natalia Bochkareva, which she published on social networks before and after the trial.

We will remind, Natalya Bochkareva was fined 30 thousand rubles for drug possession. The actress was stopped on the road by a traffic police patrol in the fall of 2019. During the search, drugs and a rolled hundred-ruble bill were found.

While the investigation lasted, according to Miro, Bochkareva turned into a good Christian. She published only the "correct" pictures on her social networks, and after the case was closed, she returned to her usual image.


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Thoughts look something like this: “Let me make myself decent and Orthodox so that the court will acquit me. Let’s wash down a photo with an icon so that the court can see that I am a woman of high morality and forget about the “bill with cocaine” in my panties."

- writes Miro.

The blogger expressed her opinion about the imposed fine. In one of her posts on the Bochkareva case, Miro wrote:

Had an unknown woman from Penza found herself in Natalia's place, she would have gone to the colony. So why does the investigation make concessions to the half-forgotten actress?

I really don't understand why everything is like this in our country. It seems to me that famous people should be punished more severely for their misdeeds. Where an ordinary person would get off with a minimal punishment, a public person is simply obliged to rake in full - for the sake of an illustrative example that this should not be done.

she said.

Previously, Rambler wrote that Bochkareva wants to get rid of his car.

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